Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Who Are The Concealers In 2010

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Where To Get Brazilian Wax Lincoln,ne

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

427 Silverado Ss For Sale - Save with Codes and Discount Coupons

E 'born a site discounts and special offers for online purchases and purchases traditional. The sections on Skimper are: discount vouchers, discount codes, and Travel and Vacations Blog. Offerte, sconti, promozioni, codici sconto e last minute

On Skimper we find different sections to accommodate both those who like to buy online using a credit card, or If you prefer to grasp the opportunities offered by the shops in their city.

The lowest common denominator is the ant orange logo Skimper , which accompanies all users to search for savings and shop smart.

The first section is devoted to online purchases and that is where we find the best bargains can be purchased through e-commerce : aggregator offers ranging from computer clothing, accessories for pets to digital prints, etc..

system is that of discount codes, coupons, promotional codes : To obtain the reduction of the price you can just copy the code from Skimper discount offer and then paste it into your site 's poster during the purchasing process: this way the price will be immediately recalculated with the corresponding curtailment.

For those who still do not trust to buy on the web, offers discounts Skimper traditional stores. The first city is taken into account Rome and the first offers are in the fields clothing, food and wine, optics, and loans, etc.. In this case, simply print the coupon and present it during the convention.


On Skimper there is also a section dedicated to Travel in the coming days and will be published a blog where users can receive information related to shopping and discuss the best opportunities offered by the web.

"In Italy in 2010 have been published many sites that offer buying groups" - tells us Franco Cardini, director of the company that created Way2Lead Skimper - "but the idea behind Skimper is closer to the sites or English as, aggregators are now offering that the real points reference for those who need to shop, especially online. "

"In a time when the crisis is still felt in most Italian families, and especially on so many dealers and owners of tourism businesses" - continues Franco Cardini - "sites like Skimper might prove an effective and economical channel for communication between offers and sellers with the ability to retain customers by offering discounts and benefits throughout the year. "

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Texture Similar To Ralph Lauren River Rock

Facebook And wellness, with Roberto Eusebio

Manual For Noma Programable Thermostats

bodytraining interview Roberto Eusebio, Standard and Professional Fitness

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Do Bilirubin Levels Go Up And Down

OVS industry reaffirms its social commitment by supporting Save The Children

OVS industry confirms its commitment to social development Save The Children and his plan "Every One" , worldwide campaign to reduce infant and maternal mortality. An 'invasion of red balloons red balloon shows the message "save me" and represents a child's life, a life to defend, to hold tight and not let go. will launch a major awareness-raising and collecting contributions to help mothers and children from Mozambique. Every red balloon says "save me" and represents a child's life, a life to defend, to hold tight and not let go.

OVS industry per Save The Children

Milan, October 6, 2010 - OVS industry confirms its commitment to supporting social Save The Children and its project "Every One" , global campaign to reduce infant and maternal mortality.

A 'invasion of red balloons symbol of the campaign will rise in 9 OVS stores from Milan to Naples to begin a major awareness-raising and collecting contributions to help mothers and children from Mozambique. Each balloon

Red Quote "save me" and represents the life of a child, a life to defend, to hold tight and not let go, as the slogan of the initiative.

starting point is the OVS Industry store in Via del Tritone in Rome, where, from 17.00, the special guest Nicolas Vaporidis , former spokesperson of the new campaign Fall / Winter 2010 by OVS industry will welcome the Guests in the store, inviting them to participate actively in the operation Every One. The young actor, testimonial committed to Save the Children will the way to an important charity initiative throughout.

From October 6 to November 7, in fact, in all 430 stores Ovs Italian industry customers can buy a donation through the Donor Card Save The Children You will receive a red balloon. This will support the operation Every One, founded in 2009 to promote programs for education, health and nutrition aimed at about 50 million women of childbearing age and children , with the aim to save 2.5 million children 2015.

OVS industry in supporting the project Every One, has set an important goal: improving health services maternal neonatal and child in Mozambique, ensuring equitable access to the entire population.

Specifically, the commitment of OVS industry is aimed at strengthening existing health services, introduce new principals and health services, promote the dissemination and implementation of education campaigns on health and nutrition.

You can follow the evolution of the project site . Users are invited to participate in this important campaign and its dissemination by donating online or from the shop, commenting on the site by posting their photos with the red balloon on the fan page / OVSindustry , making check-in stores on OVS industry 4sq/OVSindustry at the time of donation.

A great and important initiative supported by OVS industry to protect the lives of children, whatever the cost, in any way.

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OVS industry Press & PR
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T. 02 48029623