Sunday, September 27, 2009

Preparation H And Saran Wrap Does It Work

No more Nyappy.

Yeah, I wanted to do a post with title Nyappy. Livejournal but had the bright idea to go back a page (or maybe my pc?) When I was already finished. Which makes me not a little turn, and since it's late I sleep =______=

If tomorrow I want to, I rewrite everything.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Griswold Cast Ironlamb Mold Sizes

"Be thou to change" Exit

"Setsuna ... we ask you to change, I could not do it."

E 'a phrase from Stratos lockon, rather Dylandy Neil, one of the protagonists of the series Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Tonight I was covering the episodes of the second season and is back in the scene where there is one sentence. That character is really wonderful ...

But 'nuff said! We are already on Tuesday night and as always after a long day I am going to write here from Rome v_v
start with the day ... yesterday! Yes, because since I had to get to 8 with Serena, and then at 8.30 we had to regroup all the Faculty of Law, the programs have changed as follows: wake up at 7, racing to take a shower, but the output at 7.30 'bus arrived just then at 7:50 I arrived at 8 am at the meter, but the subway takes 25 minutes and then at 8.30 I arrived at Termini, and I was with Chappie (Aleks). We get lost in the streets until we do not find the case law, where are the 9.30 and then find the classrooms of the tests and arrive almost on time they're calling my name to enter.
I sit in my seat and as soon as you start to talk with people close to me. As it happens, there is also close to me but I do not recognize Julia (yes I had not seen any pictures) and even she recognizes me (but she had seen in photos E_e) ... 11 am start the test, and all are questions that an ordinary human being and who knows can answer.
all right then? No, because I'm not an ordinary human being. I could answer on what are the models of Gundam, and in what precise episode Lelouch does something, but do not tell to ask when Borsellino died and the other because they are ignorant of these things and I'm fine with that. But somehow I go on, because I still say a lot and those who do not know for sure I let them stay so as not to risk points are removed from me. Now you will see the 28 but he rest in peace oo

After the test we have met me, Serena, and Giulia (Chappie and later) and then go out to eat at McDonalds and then to head to the seat of Oriental Languages. Here I am mammapoz presents a number of people, and then there's the meeting with the ex-students which give me the scepters and Chappe and Vice Capomatricola respectively. Various explanations, and then do a tour of both the faculty of the surroundings. After that, I part from Serena and Julia to go to Jaku Toys, but there grandfather Ayat ... So I get home. There's always the next day.

fact today I had to see me with Julia and Serena, but it was bad (?) And given that, we went around only me and Julia. Jaku Toys We went to where I have registered for discount to buy manga * ç * (Yeah! Ah Ah Ah!) Ayat grandfather and then I found that he remembered me when we had seen four years ago in Lucca ** And Daniel, the which was to accompany us until about 3. After lunch at Burger King, and having accompanied her friend Julia to find more and Ancona, go to Sakurashu to drool on things Japanese that if I had a lot more money to buy me. Then he got up to Serena who went out, and was with a friend.

fact is that here you realize how small the world is, as you know Dev , I know Dev, the world knows Dev. A friend of mine is with Dev, then XD So we exchange contacts, turn a bit and we see that when it rains, we accompany Monica (this friend of Serena and Dev) to take the tram. Mission Complete! He goes home because I'm tired and it's raining. And my hair is a disaster. So I think that tomorrow will not go out and watch anime and read manga all day. Meanwhile, I gave a rearranged here at home ... I do not know why things like taking the other ... Well ... Ultimately, you are fine and I enjoy it: 3 Although I wish there were other people here. Saturday is the Japanese Market, and I see my Nee-chan (which in Japanese means little sister, baka!) Because it is early in the morning * O *. Probably will go out Thursday or Friday again ... who knows. We will see how to organize some days before they start courses v___v Ah ... the movement in a big city is devastating ** I must remember to bring psp or ds next time v_v Luckily I had to return some manga .. . (SIII I finished Hikaru no Go by taking the 23rd volume ... how I love it **).

Since the third night, I retire to bed, and if I can not sleep with me always to read the volumes of Rave are my roommate.

lockon Stratos, Black Utsu Ze (lockon Stratos, Aim and Shoot !)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Pinnacle 55e Software

And here I am on the second day in the new house. At the moment it is night, I'm at the computer and my roommate has gone to sleep because they are too tired. It will mean that I'll wash the dishes that did not clean him. Tomorrow back to the other roommate ... and after that I will wait for the committee Monday.

What about my arrival? Normal travel, hospitality and excellent home is also excellent. I fixed all my stuff except a little bit and now I'll try to make a place. I tidied up a bit the cuisine as well as pots, plates and were more spread out and put in the most desperate oo Well, even if I use the method of order that have at my house. Then I do not know anywhere else.

Today after we wake up and have spent the morning doing our cabbage, we went to take Sara and Valerio who dined with us the carbonara made by myself with Leo. Well .. I only regret that Valerio for the problems that he has eaten little ç_ç But perhaps it was really disgusting pasta owo Vabbeh XDDD. Then after taking the bus and then the subway (my first time in meters * _ *) I got off at Termini where I waited for my nee-chan * O * I finally got hold her v_v After a quick tour of civilian areas there, we took the metro to Piazza del Popolo, where I could see the multitude of people, "alternative" in this place (ah detail in a meter asked me where I got the bag of Death Note ... that cool ... and meanwhile a guy and I wanted to read death note 10 Spoilerati the ending.). Nee-chan took me from bacillary to drool on your clothes and then a little detour to the shop where I found the Star Precious Edition Blazer Drive * O * Cheffigata. The basis of manga and then forward again ... we have entered into a bookstore and we found others with whom I had left. Viewed in the library called j-rock were not, we moved to go to Giapponeria where they sell a lot of things ultrabelle from Japan. I of course I approached the area where I saw some otaku box with models of Gundam and other series such as Naruto, Bleach .... there was also Detroit Metal City! We were dragged out of there and then me and nee-chan we allowed ourselves a good ice cream ... those who wish * O * was at least a year that we had told to take an ice cream together. I'm so happy> _ \u0026lt;
(not counting the pizza after we got because some people will never be hungry v_v?)

Having accompanied her to take the train, and have replicated a scene from the film Goodbye - which of course is just a see you next time - I went underground to wait for the others and while I read the manga bought the same day.
the evening we went to dinner at a pub where they serve all the Avalon in medieval style .. I guess that's a nice pub: DE then returned home after a long discussion on anime and manga, the market in Italy, acronyms, and much more is now better not tell.

For the rest nothing interesting. I conclude by sipping a "very bad" cup of tea, hoping to find one a little more decent.

Soda ... Boku wa Kira desu. ( translation: You're right, I'm Kira.)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Davids Cornflower Blue


E 'this is what I had to do all day. Healthy.
First there was my friend Matt. Friends who continue to consider that although we have chosen different paths. But the passion is for the same things. In the end, it was me who are no longer going ahead with the design. I have left to give space to information technology. And I was also very good. One of the best in class. But as you know, things change quickly ... quickly. The years of high school have been for me a source of play. Lessons for the most part unnecessary, and the few materials that I find interesting, however, does not inspire me to keep going.

But that's another story that maybe I will tell later.
After him there were my grandparents. Yes, because you wonder where I disappear, do not you think? My grandfather, as usual, I gorged on warnings, now know by heart, about being careful in this new big city. And I am conscious. I know nothing about where I'm going. But I'm going ... It will be a great experience.

My aunt and uncle, with whom I spoke a moment ago. Are perhaps part of the family with whom I most agree, but maybe it's because they do not know what me as a child. But who knows? Eventually the parents are old and narrow views happened to me, but nothing can stop me.

I always welcomed the roads I traveled by car to the shops where I was going to eat, buy, or just to spend time. This, all in my thoughts.
I'm waving this place, and do not regret it.

I'm afraid. An incredible fear, for which I would sometimes stop and stay where they are. But just because it's the easiest way. Do something dictated by others, and have a life of simple and boring. Unfortunately not for me. I am destined for more. I can not stay here. To repress this fear. I have to do it at all costs. My determination will compensate the initial fears on this I'm sure.

People in the forum of the faculty began to speak ill more and more now ... let it be. That forum will not become home to us as freshmen, or at least I hope. My life will be in the faculty itself. I will know there other people, if they want to know more. There, I am committed and will overcome all obstacles. If people look at me wrong, I do not care. I consider myself ssuperiore them much in the end.

Lelouch Vi Britannia ga tachi wa meijiru ... Kisame ... Shine! ( translation: Lelouch Vi Britannia commands you ... ... Die you bastards!)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Restaurant Give Out Tall White Paper Bag

Once I Had A Dream

Around me there is darkness. The screen of the monitor gives me a little of that light that dazzles me and forcing me to stay awake, since they are almost two and I am very tired. In the desktop computer, I'm finishing to pass various data on your hard disk. This is the night before Thursday. And when I wake up on this day I know I have many things to do.

Why are not yet ready. I am a person who can not organize. Do not know how to program and fit certain events in his life today to allow an orderly conduct of life.

Also because my life ... I've decided to change it. In fact leave Friday and I will go to Rome. After long struggles against the wishes of my family, I managed to earn a year of probation. A year when I go to the capital, all by himself. In a house with two people who barely know but with my own interests. A year when he attended a university I chose and I'm sure both of my passions. A year in which I hope to find true friendships that I have just had.

Who knows what will happen? If I can, I promise to be constantly updating this site and unfortunately in this way to tell my days and my experiences. Perhaps further explanation of why only now I open it ... Or some other details about me that when I'm not showing up.

Yeah, who am I? A dreamer. A guy with the crazy passion for the East, especially the land of the rising sun, for manga, anime, dramas, visual kei, cosplay, j-rock and all the what one member as said before. I'm an Otaku, in a nutshell. I am determined and I will do everything to go in my place of dreams.

Ore sama wa Black ☆ Star ! Ore wa Kami sama da! ( translation: "I am Black Star, I am the one who God will overcome! " ____ but do not depend! The Japanese start soon: 3 This is what I see from the anime * _ *)