Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cleaning Underwear With Baking Powder?

EEQUAL by Ennio Capasa exclusive store in 115 OVS industry

EEQUAL, is the project of democratic and creative fashion for men and women by OVS industry and Ennio Capasa, designer and creator of the famous Italian designer Costume National. EEQUAL The collection is on sale in advance for the exclusive store in Milan Via Torino OVS industry from Wednesday, February 23.

Ennio Capasa and OVS industry have EEQUAL , a project of democratic and creative fashion for men and women. This collaboration marks the beginning of a multiyear partnership and to celebrate the union of two important Italian: first OVS industry, the market leader in fashion retail with over 400 stores in our area and on the other, the Italian designer and stylist, the famous creator of Costume National.

EEQUAL is a unique collection for its quality, amazing for the price. That is the most critical for those who have an international taste, for he who believes in himself, who wants to be what it feels like to be, for people who love fashion, and is recognized in a essential style, sophisticated and contemporary.

The spring-summer collection includes four capsules with different concepts that will ensure a wide choice and variety within the store: Each capsule EEQUAL will consist of about 50 options women and 50 men with their colors and moods , an offer that will satisfy all customers democratically OVS industry today and tomorrow.

EEQUAL collection goes on sale in 115 stores exclusive OVS industry in March 2011 with an advance sale in the history of Via Torino to Milan from Wednesday, February 23.

(Source: Press Area OVS industry)

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Iceskateing On A Date

Releases of Febbraro

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Decorate Cake Ziplock Blog

TABLES FOR TRAINING IN GYM DOWNLOADABLE - Roberto Eusebio, standard and professional

How many times we are looking for new exercises, new workout routines or devising ways and techniques to congest our muscles to destroy as much as possible?

All this is important to us because it is important to ensure that the next day or two days after accusing pains that would not reward the hard work done during our training.




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Kitchen Island Plueprint


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Best Headgear For Bjj