Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Griswold Cast Ironlamb Mold Sizes

"Be thou to change" Exit

"Setsuna ... we ask you to change, I could not do it."

E 'a phrase from Stratos lockon, rather Dylandy Neil, one of the protagonists of the series Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Tonight I was covering the episodes of the second season and is back in the scene where there is one sentence. That character is really wonderful ...

But 'nuff said! We are already on Tuesday night and as always after a long day I am going to write here from Rome v_v
start with the day ... yesterday! Yes, because since I had to get to 8 with Serena, and then at 8.30 we had to regroup all the Faculty of Law, the programs have changed as follows: wake up at 7, racing to take a shower, but the output at 7.30 'bus arrived just then at 7:50 I arrived at 8 am at the meter, but the subway takes 25 minutes and then at 8.30 I arrived at Termini, and I was with Chappie (Aleks). We get lost in the streets until we do not find the case law, where are the 9.30 and then find the classrooms of the tests and arrive almost on time they're calling my name to enter.
I sit in my seat and as soon as you start to talk with people close to me. As it happens, there is also close to me but I do not recognize Julia (yes I had not seen any pictures) and even she recognizes me (but she had seen in photos E_e) ... 11 am start the test, and all are questions that an ordinary human being and who knows can answer.
all right then? No, because I'm not an ordinary human being. I could answer on what are the models of Gundam, and in what precise episode Lelouch does something, but do not tell to ask when Borsellino died and the other because they are ignorant of these things and I'm fine with that. But somehow I go on, because I still say a lot and those who do not know for sure I let them stay so as not to risk points are removed from me. Now you will see the 28 but he rest in peace oo

After the test we have met me, Serena, and Giulia (Chappie and later) and then go out to eat at McDonalds and then to head to the seat of Oriental Languages. Here I am mammapoz presents a number of people, and then there's the meeting with the ex-students which give me the scepters and Chappe and Vice Capomatricola respectively. Various explanations, and then do a tour of both the faculty of the surroundings. After that, I part from Serena and Julia to go to Jaku Toys, but there grandfather Ayat ... So I get home. There's always the next day.

fact today I had to see me with Julia and Serena, but it was bad (?) And given that, we went around only me and Julia. Jaku Toys We went to where I have registered for discount to buy manga * รง * (Yeah! Ah Ah Ah!) Ayat grandfather and then I found that he remembered me when we had seen four years ago in Lucca ** And Daniel, the which was to accompany us until about 3. After lunch at Burger King, and having accompanied her friend Julia to find more and Ancona, go to Sakurashu to drool on things Japanese that if I had a lot more money to buy me. Then he got up to Serena who went out, and was with a friend.

fact is that here you realize how small the world is, as you know Dev , I know Dev, the world knows Dev. A friend of mine is with Dev, then XD So we exchange contacts, turn a bit and we see that when it rains, we accompany Monica (this friend of Serena and Dev) to take the tram. Mission Complete! He goes home because I'm tired and it's raining. And my hair is a disaster. So I think that tomorrow will not go out and watch anime and read manga all day. Meanwhile, I gave a rearranged here at home ... I do not know why things like taking the other ... Well ... Ultimately, you are fine and I enjoy it: 3 Although I wish there were other people here. Saturday is the Japanese Market, and I see my Nee-chan (which in Japanese means little sister, baka!) Because it is early in the morning * O *. Probably will go out Thursday or Friday again ... who knows. We will see how to organize some days before they start courses v___v Ah ... the movement in a big city is devastating ** I must remember to bring psp or ds next time v_v Luckily I had to return some manga .. . (SIII I finished Hikaru no Go by taking the 23rd volume ... how I love it **).

Since the third night, I retire to bed, and if I can not sleep with me always to read the volumes of Rave are my roommate.

lockon Stratos, Black Utsu Ze (lockon Stratos, Aim and Shoot !)


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