Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Restaurant Give Out Tall White Paper Bag

Once I Had A Dream

Around me there is darkness. The screen of the monitor gives me a little of that light that dazzles me and forcing me to stay awake, since they are almost two and I am very tired. In the desktop computer, I'm finishing to pass various data on your hard disk. This is the night before Thursday. And when I wake up on this day I know I have many things to do.

Why are not yet ready. I am a person who can not organize. Do not know how to program and fit certain events in his life today to allow an orderly conduct of life.

Also because my life ... I've decided to change it. In fact leave Friday and I will go to Rome. After long struggles against the wishes of my family, I managed to earn a year of probation. A year when I go to the capital, all by himself. In a house with two people who barely know but with my own interests. A year when he attended a university I chose and I'm sure both of my passions. A year in which I hope to find true friendships that I have just had.

Who knows what will happen? If I can, I promise to be constantly updating this site and unfortunately in this way to tell my days and my experiences. Perhaps further explanation of why only now I open it ... Or some other details about me that when I'm not showing up.

Yeah, who am I? A dreamer. A guy with the crazy passion for the East, especially the land of the rising sun, for manga, anime, dramas, visual kei, cosplay, j-rock and all the what one member as said before. I'm an Otaku, in a nutshell. I am determined and I will do everything to go in my place of dreams.

Ore sama wa Black ☆ Star ! Ore wa Kami sama da! ( translation: "I am Black Star, I am the one who God will overcome! " ____ but do not depend! The Japanese start soon: 3 This is what I see from the anime * _ *)


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