Thursday, September 17, 2009

Davids Cornflower Blue


E 'this is what I had to do all day. Healthy.
First there was my friend Matt. Friends who continue to consider that although we have chosen different paths. But the passion is for the same things. In the end, it was me who are no longer going ahead with the design. I have left to give space to information technology. And I was also very good. One of the best in class. But as you know, things change quickly ... quickly. The years of high school have been for me a source of play. Lessons for the most part unnecessary, and the few materials that I find interesting, however, does not inspire me to keep going.

But that's another story that maybe I will tell later.
After him there were my grandparents. Yes, because you wonder where I disappear, do not you think? My grandfather, as usual, I gorged on warnings, now know by heart, about being careful in this new big city. And I am conscious. I know nothing about where I'm going. But I'm going ... It will be a great experience.

My aunt and uncle, with whom I spoke a moment ago. Are perhaps part of the family with whom I most agree, but maybe it's because they do not know what me as a child. But who knows? Eventually the parents are old and narrow views happened to me, but nothing can stop me.

I always welcomed the roads I traveled by car to the shops where I was going to eat, buy, or just to spend time. This, all in my thoughts.
I'm waving this place, and do not regret it.

I'm afraid. An incredible fear, for which I would sometimes stop and stay where they are. But just because it's the easiest way. Do something dictated by others, and have a life of simple and boring. Unfortunately not for me. I am destined for more. I can not stay here. To repress this fear. I have to do it at all costs. My determination will compensate the initial fears on this I'm sure.

People in the forum of the faculty began to speak ill more and more now ... let it be. That forum will not become home to us as freshmen, or at least I hope. My life will be in the faculty itself. I will know there other people, if they want to know more. There, I am committed and will overcome all obstacles. If people look at me wrong, I do not care. I consider myself ssuperiore them much in the end.

Lelouch Vi Britannia ga tachi wa meijiru ... Kisame ... Shine! ( translation: Lelouch Vi Britannia commands you ... ... Die you bastards!)


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