Saturday, September 19, 2009

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And here I am on the second day in the new house. At the moment it is night, I'm at the computer and my roommate has gone to sleep because they are too tired. It will mean that I'll wash the dishes that did not clean him. Tomorrow back to the other roommate ... and after that I will wait for the committee Monday.

What about my arrival? Normal travel, hospitality and excellent home is also excellent. I fixed all my stuff except a little bit and now I'll try to make a place. I tidied up a bit the cuisine as well as pots, plates and were more spread out and put in the most desperate oo Well, even if I use the method of order that have at my house. Then I do not know anywhere else.

Today after we wake up and have spent the morning doing our cabbage, we went to take Sara and Valerio who dined with us the carbonara made by myself with Leo. Well .. I only regret that Valerio for the problems that he has eaten little ç_ç But perhaps it was really disgusting pasta owo Vabbeh XDDD. Then after taking the bus and then the subway (my first time in meters * _ *) I got off at Termini where I waited for my nee-chan * O * I finally got hold her v_v After a quick tour of civilian areas there, we took the metro to Piazza del Popolo, where I could see the multitude of people, "alternative" in this place (ah detail in a meter asked me where I got the bag of Death Note ... that cool ... and meanwhile a guy and I wanted to read death note 10 Spoilerati the ending.). Nee-chan took me from bacillary to drool on your clothes and then a little detour to the shop where I found the Star Precious Edition Blazer Drive * O * Cheffigata. The basis of manga and then forward again ... we have entered into a bookstore and we found others with whom I had left. Viewed in the library called j-rock were not, we moved to go to Giapponeria where they sell a lot of things ultrabelle from Japan. I of course I approached the area where I saw some otaku box with models of Gundam and other series such as Naruto, Bleach .... there was also Detroit Metal City! We were dragged out of there and then me and nee-chan we allowed ourselves a good ice cream ... those who wish * O * was at least a year that we had told to take an ice cream together. I'm so happy> _ \u0026lt;
(not counting the pizza after we got because some people will never be hungry v_v?)

Having accompanied her to take the train, and have replicated a scene from the film Goodbye - which of course is just a see you next time - I went underground to wait for the others and while I read the manga bought the same day.
the evening we went to dinner at a pub where they serve all the Avalon in medieval style .. I guess that's a nice pub: DE then returned home after a long discussion on anime and manga, the market in Italy, acronyms, and much more is now better not tell.

For the rest nothing interesting. I conclude by sipping a "very bad" cup of tea, hoping to find one a little more decent.

Soda ... Boku wa Kira desu. ( translation: You're right, I'm Kira.)


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