Thursday, July 2, 2009

What Does The F Mean On Walmart Receipts

Insert an HTML signature in Gmail (

One of the best services Google is certainly Gmail, for example, we use it for all our email accounts.

The only small problem that has shown up to now this tool is the management of the signature.
E 'you can insert it by using the settings, but we are allowed to put it in plain text only.

Today we will see together how to insert an HTML signature in Gmail using a bookmark.

We simply bring us to this address to enter our signature , all thanks to a simple text editor view, once you enter go to step 2 and drag the word "Signature " among our favorites.
Now back to Gmail and compose a new message, click on the new bookmark (automatically will be renamed Signature ") and here we have our signature on gmail in html, colorful and full of links to any site.


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