Monday, January 25, 2010

Sample Prayer In Thesis Defense

Changes to the Site and the next update!

Well, here I am on
Lj ^ ^ (after going on myspace Yami Tsuki ... even unwelcome GoldenSnitch XD).

After less than a month of opening the site, already has undergone several changes ... and the most significant was that last night! It was not so easy to decide on a new background for the site , we must all get used to this new look (since it was designed, created one of the first things was just the background ...)

Well it's almost done, will probably be the definitive (until, however, did not decide to change graphics ^ ^).

but passed ... XD!
Soon ... like tomorrow ... posted Dj will be another translated by us, a Doujin, personally, I like it very much! (As seen my favorite couple for the series). A
ZoroxRufy drawn from * Royal Garden ! Dance of happiness * *

you soon!
~ YumeWorld Team
+ + HiroiKaze


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