Thursday, July 29, 2010

Irs Rebate Check 2010

~ ★ ~ ❤ ~ 6 MONTHS: First Half Anniversary Activities ~ ❤ ~ ★

Today, two days after ' authentic date, the fateful news gets posted, because (As our usual) we do things late (and if we do not behave in this manner we are not happy!)
XD But enough talk, let's start! ^ O ^
we are quite late! XD

Two days ago, for all of us and for our website, has been a very important day. In fact, the July 27, 2010 the YumeWorld Team celebrated its six months of ! ^ O ^
We are very happy about it! = ^ ^ =
In these six months, much has changed on our site .. In fact, those who followed us from the beginning has been able to see personally the changes and developments that have been and we can assure that we will not stop here, at least until we are fully satisfied! ^ ^

Time has passed quickly, July is almost finished and will soon be time to leave room for a new pair! ^ ^
The number of doujinshi rose and now we are at 48! The 50 is coming soon! *-*
How can we not rejoice in front of that? = ^ ^ =
's your word, Crew ~ ~

It 's true!
Oo These six months have actually flown!
But we were really good! XD (Modesty aside ... lol) ^ ^ ... ~
share Nearly 50 ~.... ^ ^
and assets with different sets!
So .... Good First Half Anniversariooo! ^ W ^ * fanfare of the background to commemorate the moment of joy *
and July is almost over, so I have to say goodbye to my dear Sanji & Zoro ç_ç (my pirate alter-ego is very sad)
However, do not miss the next great backgrounds! ;)
fabulous and our future work, of course! ^ O ^

Passing the baton,
すべて に 多く の キス を 送る ... (Lots of Kisses to Everyone):) ~

OO is already 28! ° °
Oh, I thought I had more time!
XD I think I'm playing a bit 'too much to play .. >.>
and I said I'd write more often and instead .. Laaaaasssshiamo lose, vah! XD

August * _ *! SIII! I look forward to be able to see those two! * Starry eyed * If only I could find a
douja on them! T ^ T
And instead .. Nothing .. -.-
And what about the closure of One Manga? ç_ç
disperiamoci But for this! XD
rejoice instead to where we came so far! ^ O ^
I am really happy! = ^ ^ =
Time is just flying! And we will continue to do our best! ^ ^
Hoping to soon be able to open some new series, on with the next one! XD ~
Yami Tsuki

Hiroi Kaze is currently quite unwell ... Excuse
* little bow *... I'm still thinking back to Iwaki and Kato, Iwaki longer be true (they were the couple in the month of May) ç_ç
But do not worry, it's a passing phase ... ^ ^ .... Maybe ... hopefully ... -.-
But no more talk and the nostalgia ^^... We are the sixth month (of pregnancy seems an ad ^ ^), which corresponds to mid-year .... and half years could be interpreted without any problem (to be very, very positive) by almost a full year that our site has been put online for the first time ... and I am really really proud * happy * jumps
That said, I absolutely have to get over ... it is almost time has come to greet Zoro ... (Volermene ... but I prefer not Sanji Luffy VV Although, as someone said - and any reference is purely intended - SanjixZoroXRufy might not be so bad ... I turn off the brain that is * better *).

Well what else to say ... anything that my friends have already written ... ^ ^
We hope that everyone will appreciate backgrounds and realize that the future we intend to translate Dj (and endless! If I think my head is spinning) ...
I wish you a pleasant stay on the site XD (oh God, looks more like a squalid third category of threat that a wish ...) Greetings to all

Hiroi ~ Kaze

Oh, I'm the last one! How nice! ^ ^
I guess I'm the only one that currently does not care about the background of the site! XD
I will do it later, in a few months, I'm afraid!
XD It's been six months already .. How time flies when have fun! It did not seem such a long period, yet we managed to put away a fair number of jobs. Yeah, well, if you think about how long they are six months, perhaps you could also do more, but we're not too harsh with ourselves! ^ ^
Sometimes it is better to the carrot stick! VV
consider that we can still improve, the overall level!
wait and see the next wallpaper! ^ _-
(so that I do not! Lol)
said .. Erm .. I know that there are running out of the pastries, so if I do not hurry up, stay dry! XD
It Has Been a pleasure! ^ ^ Bye


Finally we want to thank first of all who have written to us and that frequntano site, THANKS!
am very pleased to know that somewhere there are people who read and maybe smile, still shocked (and trust me, if you still do not have s * it you will soon be evil grin *), is excited about the stories we translate and posted online. Thanks so much, this will definitely be an incentive to always do our best, certain that someone, even just one, appreciate in some way our work! ^ ^
And now to celebrate all that life is short! XD
and 2012 is coming! lol ~
YumeWorld Team


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