Thursday, September 16, 2010

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kicks off "in September of Art" The Art Exhibition Opened at the Democratic SpeziaExpò

It opens Thursday, Sept. 16 at 18, the first edition of 'September Art', an exhibition of modern and contemporary art market set up in Speziaexpò, exhibition center of La Spezia, until 19 September.

The show, which sees the participation of prestigious Italian galleries are organized by Angamc (National Association of modern and contemporary art galleries), Promoeventi, Chamber of Commerce of La Spezia, Institution for Cultural Services of the Municipality of La Spezia, CAMeC ( Center for Modern and Contemporary Art) in La Spezia. Twenty-four participating galleries, all members Angamc, from Liguria, Emilia Romagna, Lombardy, Tuscany, Piedmont and Veneto.

on display and for sale along a rich exhibition of colors, shapes, language and emotions, hundreds of works by renowned artists including, among others by way of example, Adami, Alinari, Afro, Baj, Bertini , Birolli, Boettger, Bonalumi, Carrà, Capogrossi, Castellani, César, Combas, De Chirico, De Dominicis, De Maria, Dorazio, Frangi, Fontana, Galliani, Gastini, Gilardi, Guaitamacchi, Guttridge, Hartung, Kostabi, Jenkins , Lam, Longaretti, Luzzati, Marca-Relli, Mathieu Mattioli, Nespolo, Paladino, Paolucci, Pistoletto, Possenti, Pozza, Root, Reggiani, Rotella, Scanavino, Soldati, Tadini, Tilson, Tobey, Vasarely and Widow.

The event, which aims to become an annual event with even spaces and opportunities for young talents, was conceived as a meeting point between tunnels associated with that share the same goals: to spread the knowledge of art, to ensure collectors on the authenticity of the works, create a cultural event in a city, La Spezia, that with the modern and contemporary art has a strong link. On the occasion of 'September Art' CAMeC alongside the exhibitions in progress (Marco Casentini All around, Diet Sayler Escape from Liguria, Always a beginning. Roman villa in Florence: 105 years of artists' residences), a selection of important works in the permanent collections, ideal counterpoint to the views of the authors and languages that the public will have opportunity to learn and develop as part of the event (in addition to the group SPUR Cozzani Collection of works by Scanavino, French and younger Pintaldi and Thesis awards Biennale post 2000).

the stand of the Institution for Cultural Services to this Speziaexpò will instead display posters relating to the exhibitions hosted at CAMeC and the house of the Arts over the years and catalogs and publications. Two booths dedicated to publishing specialized: Ars Value and Art Interviewer It 's the first time that La Spezia has a national event of its kind aimed at collectors and enthusiasts. For this reason, and to share the event with the whole community, the organizers have decided to bring the free admission this year. The opening will also take the national president dell'Angamc, Massimo Di Carlo.

Days and hours

Thursday, September 16 from 18 to 20:30, Friday 17, Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 from 10.30 to 19.30. Admission is free. Speziaexpò is just a few hundred meters from the motorway exit of La Spezia and has ample free parking. For information: Speziaexpò, 0187.513131,

Chamber of Commerce of La Spezia
Cristina Bertucci
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