Sunday, December 26, 2010

Kates Playground Gallery Full Set

Happy Holidays! ★ ~ ~ ~

Mina -san, Konbanwa !
YumeWorld deeeesu! .. ^ O ^ / * clap clap clap *

Or ..
Good evening to all! ^ ^ Here is
YumeWorld ! ^ ^ And who
other, otherwise? XD So
? How did you spend the Christmas ? ^ ^
(counting that I have pulled down out of bed at 9:00 in the morning ... -.- ... what is Christmas all this confusioneeee until 11.00 piumoneee I roll around in my hot! ndHiroi) (Muahahah! XD * laughs that she got up after 11:00 * ndSnitch)
Hopefully everything went well and that you enjoyed .. And Binge Eating! XD Christmas only happens once a year, right? So you might as well take advantage! ^ ^
(Incidentally, inexplicably, parents are more likely to achieve (at least in part) our desires .. ndHiroi)
And volendone enjoy ourselves .. Introducing your Christmas present from us : a doujinshi different from each of us, thanks to which we will inaugurate two new sections ! .. ^ O ^ /

True true ... This year each of us is committed to a post at Christmas Dj head ... and even if we had each decided to publish a story at will in the end we were a bit 'in the name choice .... Who for one thing, some for another * sigh *

Despite opening in Japanese this blog I can assure you, and are three against one, is a language unknown to me ... sobb * * - and that I had in mind to make a wonderful surprise ... great idea that does not translate 19 pages from the Japanese then it was an impossible ... - * * miserable defeat (console, you're the one! XD Opening in Japan aside, is not that we manage so well XD just enough to see the 19 pages! XD ndYue - but no, come on! ç_ç not say that! Something we can do! ndYami ^ ^) (And we do it with soooooo calm. * Nods * ndSnitch) * moved *

I've tried a bit 'all ... also trim the translation to my three companions, hoping in their heart ... good (* mega grin * ndYue) (* whistles sly * ndSnitch) and in my "smile of an angel" unfortunate that December is a month full of commitments ... (though this is not the main reason, why not blame it heheh). Nevertheless, the DJ OP to be published is pretty nice nice .. so ... Here's my little gift to you ... and if not enough ... well there are 4 beautiful children who have provided pictures for our greeting cards ... * grins * (you can not even imagine when I first proposed to Yami for this thing hahaha ). (OO Oh my God! The strippers lap dancer XD! ndYami - strippers? I like! * O * Especially if there are two seed and two uke! ndYue XD) (And more if they are interchangeable pairs ^ ^ ndSnitch) (Trust, but there were many many more ... and everyone! Snitch you should know well enough * heheh *)

AAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhh ... We are at the end of December and I are in shortage of chocolate and neveee ... (With all those which evoke in turn, will be others to be in shortage! v_v ndSnitch)
^ ^ But there is still hope ... . Well as soon there will also be the anniversary of our first year, for now I wish you all Merry Christmas!
The New Year's greetings in due course!
A Besos
~ HiroiKaze

clap clap clap * *
Ah, sorry, I'm the only one who still applaud?
XD I did not realize that the other had stopped! XD

Ah, the Christmas doujinshi .. Were really a great idea! ^ ^ My
I do not think I need much explanation: Kingdom Hearts is (finally I made it to translate a !!!), no Sora (\u0026lt;3), there Riku (so cool and very jealous! * o *) and is within Christmas! In short, a nice mix for the period in which we are!
^ ^ I would love to be able to translate other and might be able to have a separate section (?).. Too bad they are nowhere to be found! XD But I do not give up, sooner or later I'll make it!
XD Well, this could be my intention for the new year, you say? It can be done? (Have you chosen a challenge ^ ^ by the way ... I think ... I still say that there is time? XD ndHiroi)

said that ..! Merry Christmas! Take care, be good and brave, so Santa is happy and brings you a gift maybe more! ^ ^ I wish
also a huge blowout! (We binge ... more than a mission: to prepare and feed an entire barracks. Too bad you forgot who we are and we are up to 11 anime ... -.- ndHiroi) As Told by Yami Tsuki, Christmas happens once a year! Spoil yourself! ^ _-
Yue = =

- Ohohohohoh ~ (Christmas jingle in the background),
* steals a piece of chocolate a secret from the reserve, munching and happy fishing in the Bag * Inexhaustible
(here is where is my chocolate ...! Snitch then you step in to fill up XD ndHiroi)

Here ~!
* pulls out a pack colored * Add a
douja Naruto, equally pretty nice and tender, tender just right for a snowy climate (or rainfall, depending on locations) Christmas ^ ^ * Discard
gift, grabs the action-figures of Draco & Harry, He rolls his eyes and hides everything under a pillow *
Um ... * Coughs *
I said: Here here! I sincerely hope that you enjoy the surprise! Finally a douja Kakashi x Iruka Angst nor too neither too exaggerated, but delicate as a snowflake. E 'was really a pleasure to translate ~
And please, leave some pieces of 4 beautiful children of Wishes!
XD * looks at the pillow and grins *

That said, I salute you! * Takes to lasso them and the dancers strippers charge on the slide
* Even Santa Claus will be entitled to any gift, no? Oo (I want a gift like that ... do not I told?? ndHiroi)

メリークリスマス と 新年 おめでとうございます ~!
Merry Xmas & Happy New Year, Everyone! XD ~

But I'm the only one who is not satisfied that put douja?! > ...
I think so! XD
Although maybe "met" is the term more appropriate since, if the douja I did not like, I would certainly not translated! ^ ^
say more than that of the three parts into which we divided, this is what I dislike .. Italy is a bit 'too shot for my taste, but at the time of the Holy Roman Empire, was not very adult!
XD Not that it ever become, cmq .. oO
say that the best part comes next! ^ ^
Prussia-sama * o *! How not to love? *-* (Prussia-Dono!! = ^ ^ = * Hides from Yami * ndSnitch) (On the other hand, it is well, right? The daffodils love themselves * grins * ndHiroi) (^ _ ^ ndYami )
also ..
Well, not exactly what I wanted to put the Douja!
XD But you know .. A bit 'cause I'm slow to translate from Japanese, a bit' because lately I have many things to do (* cough * * cough * Persona 4 ndYue - but for the good of the site * grin *! ndYami - Really? We are all convinced XD ndHiroi ) , I have decided to be postponed for some time .. Rather than it bad, better than waiting for!
XD I'm just sorry it could not put a Christmas present, since probably at least a couple of visitors have appreciated if it is something very simple .. T_T
Which douja'm talking about?
Surprise surprise! ^ ^ Meanwhile
Hetalia to enjoy and, perhaps, even a piece of nougat! XD
Merry Christmas to all / ee Happy New Year! ^ ^
~ Yami Tsuki
... Also if we get the new year ... (Ehi!? My life expectancy is quite long! ^ ^ ndHiroi)

said that we should leave you with this beautiful song! ^ ^
We Wish You A Merry Metal Xmas!

Merry Christmas again!
you soon!
~ YumeWorld Team


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