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Meaning Of Table Shower

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"Do not worry, Ms. Stewart, the intervention is fully successful, it's all under control. I leave with Dr. Schreiber, who will help him to his feet in a few days. Happy Birthday. "
greet the patient and go out into the corridor. I make a few steps towards my office when ...
"Hey, you know that you can be sexy even with the surgeon's gown?"
I stop at once: I can not believe ... I turn on myself. "Kirsten!", Exclaimed in surprise.
She smiles and comes to me walking elegantly down the aisle. "My heartiest compliments, Doctor."
Do a quick look around, some nurse and a couple of doctors in the distance, none of suspicion. Kiki take one step towards extending the arm, and we are just a few inches from each other, the step a hand through his hair, soft and smooth. "What are you doing here?", I whisper my mouth closer to his face.
Kiki grabs my hand and intertwined his fingers in my tapering. "I spent here, I see a customer on Washington Boulevard."
"Hmm ...", I stroking her cheek with back of his hand, "should I be jealous?"
Kiki can not suppress a mischievous smile, then I put a hand on his shoulder. "Not if you take me out to dinner tonight."
I half smirk: dinner tonight? Hmmm ... But then I remember one thing: oh, no ...
"Kirsten, listen to me ... I'm so sorry, but I promised my son that I had dinner at home with him tonight ..."
"You can not do it again? You can not say that you got another commitment? I wanted to be with you ...", protest Kiki clenching my hands in hers.
I take a big sigh. I would not say no, but not I can not keep the promise I made to Mika ...
"I'm really sorry, Kirsten, I would, indeed want, go out with you, but ... I just can not say no: the fact is that almost never see him at dinner there is almost never, and we can hardly speak - "
" OK, do not worry, "he interrupts Kiki. "Lucien, I understand perfectly, really: I have a son too, remember? I know how important it is to keep its promises: it will be for another time. "
" But wait!, Exclaimed, raising his hand like a schoolboy sitting in the front pew. "Why do not you come over for dinner? Would you? "
"Ma .. if you want to be your son ... "
" Do not worry, Kiki: Mika and I do not have many issues in common, you know? A guest at the table can only make things easier. Come on, will you? "
Kirsten still seems hesitant.
"And when I say that I cook? That will prepare a delicious Solyanka tonight? "
Kiki frowns. "Soly that?"
"Solyanka, is a typical dish from Russia and Ukraine. Personally, I prepare with beef, ham, beef broth, mushrooms, black olives and small lemons. Apart from the pickle in oil. "
"Hmm," Kirsten is rubbing her belly, "He's already coming your mouth water ..."
"So OK, chef and eat it yourself. What time do you get out of here tonight? "
I turn the key in the lock, push the door forward and let go Kirsten. Then by myself and close the door behind us. "Here we are ...", I say, rubbing his hands. "I rush to call Mika," hastily ad before making a leap forward towards the stairs. But then I block. "Oh, sorry Kirsten, back on my feet and say, "Come in, come in your living room." corner turn on the light and I can get. "Sit on the couch as well. Need something? Would you like something to drink? You have to use the bathroom? Look, there's one nearby - "
" Lucien, stay cool: I am fine, I do not need anything, really. Go on over to your son. "
" O-Okay, a-then I'll be right ...", mumbled embarrassed before setting up the stairs fast.
"Mika!" Name. No response. Arriving on the first floor and go direct to the door of his room. It 's open, but inside is all dark.
"MIKA!?" I call again. Still nothing. Check the bathroom, nothing. Provo chamber Nicole: even. Provo mine: ditto.
Concerned, I look at my watch: seven twenty. I told the seven ...
I rush down the stairs. I have to retrieve the phone in your coat and call it: I would not like anything happened ...
"Lucien!" Kiki calls me from the living room.
"Yes?" I ask looking out the doorway.
"You have a voicemail message," he notes Kirsten indicating the phone.
"Oh," cried and I'll go check it out. Indeed, the amber light is flashing: Press the button and now I to listen.
* * BEEP BEEP * PA, excuse me! There is no dinner tonight, have a rap battle at Club 722. I can not lose, perhaps there will be the Dead Static! Oh, and I do not know what time I get back. Bella pa! Hello! BIIIP NO NEW MESSAGE * * BEEP BEEP *
remain silent, motionless.
"Apparently he was to give you the hole, eh?"
shake my head. "How many times have I told you should not go out at night when there is school the next day," he muttered.
Kirsten gets up and comes towards me. "It 's a boy, Lucien, needs have fun! "
Puff nervously.
"Hey, what's up?"
"There he continues to bother with such nonsense instead of studying: will never arrive anywhere if you do so! And then what the hell is a rap battle ? ", Grumbled, looking up to heaven.
"It 's a peaceful competition, the challenge of two rappers facing each other to the sound of rhyme. The difficulty is improvising rhymes on rhymes, and words are their weapons of battle. "
frowned. "How come you know all this?"
Kiki smiles. "A I once had a client who was a famous rapper: After completing the decoration of his villa in Beverly Hills invited me to dinner and talked at length about the hip hop music. "
But ... she goes to dinner with all its customers ? I will not be one of many mica? At least I hope ...
"Hey, Lucien, are you there? Six of us? "
" Oh, s-sorry ... "
" Come on, forget about it. It'll be okay with your child, trust me, "I am heartened Kirsten rubbing a hand on her back. "By the way, you should not cook a Russian stuff for me? How was it? Sokalaya? "
escapes me a chuckle. "So-ly-an-ka!"
"So this is life in Orange County, huh?" Comment while I pick up the gas to boil water.
"Oh, yes, it's hard to continue to live among parties and gala evenings, you know," laughs Kiki.
smile. "And your son is gone instead to enroll in an art school on the East Coast?"
Kirsten takes a big sigh. "In reality, he chose the Brown ..."
"a very good college", I am speaking now bristling ears to the name of one of the most prestigious universities in the Ivy League.
"Indeed," says Kiki, "Unfortunately, for personal reasons ... say ..., could not enter. Although it is by its nature a model student."
"Hmm," I nod carefully mixing the ingredients.
"He moved in any case in Rhode Island to pursue her love, Summer."
I look up from the stove and stare at Kirsten's eyes.
"What is that face? Seth and Summer are really in love!"
I can not hold a half-smile and returned to stir the pot. I shrug my shoulders. "If you say so ..."
"You're not all romantic, Lucien Dubenko, you know?"
"Oh no?" Face turned quickly toward her. Approached my body to his, approached my face to hers, our noses touching. "Do you want to check that the Solyanka enough salt?" I ask.
Kirsten looks at me confused.
Holding my gaze in his, I take a wooden spoon, and put it in the pot, being careful not to spill it, I brought it up to her lips. As soon as the liquid in my mouth, I approach even more and I let my lips come together with those of Kiki. The fluid flows from me to her, then turns into a hot and passionate kiss, full of flavor and passion.
After a few seconds, I open my eyes and Kirsten does the same. We move away slowly without taking his eyes off each other, while you lick a mustache like two cats greedy.
Kirsten raises an eyebrow mischievously. "Hmm ... Not bad, Doctor, not bad ...
I do not let slip the spigot-Extend the left arm, belt Kiki's life and pull it firmly toward me. We kiss again, we kiss passionately, we kiss with taste.
a sudden I hear a strange smell. I spun around toward the kitchen. "Oh, you're burning everything," cried.
"So turn off the gas ...", replied Kiki glancing temptress.
remains unclear for a few seconds, then without further adieu I bring the stove knob to zero. With both
hands stroked her face, she shakes my waist lifting the sweater. A final look of understanding and so on: the momentum of his arm behind his back, behind the knees and the other in a flash, the lift from the ground.
"Hey!" Kiki protest, "What the hell are you opt -" He can not finish the sentence, and bursts out laughing, as I begin to climb up the stairs in her arms. Within seconds we are in my room. A moment later we lay on my bed, clutching the sheets above and below.
"AH! Oh my god I'm sorry!"
I wake with a start.
"No, excuse you!"
What was that? Who are these voices? I turn next to me and Kiki's not there. I jumped up and out of bed, but they are completely naked, then throw away the sheet, as best I cover the sides and run down the hall.
"Mika, Kiki," cried seeing the two, one in pajamas the other night in her dressing gown, standing in front of the bathroom door.
"Hello Pa!" Mika mutters, rubbing his eyes.
"Good morning, Lucien," Kirsten greets me with a smile. "I just met your son."
I do not know what to say or do. Should I say something, I guess, but I feel too embarrassed to talk. Or even to think.
"Ok, I'm going to the bathroom -"
"Mika!" He exclaimed. "Let go before Kirsten!"
Both Mika Kiki turns to me stared bewildered.
"L-Lucien, calm down ...", says Kirsten.
Mika continues to stare in silence.
swallow spending more time looking from Mika to Kiki and vice versa. At the end
Mika shrugs and muttering something incomprehensible if he returns to his room.
Left alone, Kirsten asks me with a glance, but what you doing?
could not answer, crying his eyes to the ground. How do I explain that I feel terribly embarrassed because I do not know how to handle this situation? Christ, my son, who is only sixteen, he met, early in the morning, in dressing gown, the woman with whom I spent a night of passion while he was sleeping in the next room? God, how can she not understand?!
looked up versts Kirsten. "Then I go ...", she whispers before entering the bathroom. Kiki is not just locked in, I go to Mika. The door was ajar: I knock lightly and within.
I find it on the bed, his arms folded behind his head. I take a deep breath before you start to apologize.
"So, how did it go with your new babe?" Asks Mika-blank. His is a tone of defiance and sarcasm together. "If doing well in bed?"
I start to get nervous and tighten the jaw. Why the hell is that?
"There is also a bathroom downstairs," I say slowly, trying to stay calm.
"* What * really," says Mika, pointing toward the wall, "is my bathroom."
I bite my bottom lip. I feel the anger mounting.
"So, how?", Mika insists.
"Where were you last night?"
"I left a message, I was at Club 722."
"I came home because I had dinner with you!"
"But you are getting better to do, right?"
"Mika," cried one foot from the ground. "I told you that you should not go out if there is school the next day! At what time you came back last night?"
"What do you care?"
"At what time you come back, I asked!"
Without answering, Mika gets out of bed. Arriving in a step away from me stops. With a calm that he does not know, she says, "Daddy, why you struggle so much? I'm not even seven in the morning, fuck, and you're neurotic?! Christ, calm down! You spent the night with a wonderful woman, you you wake up next to her this morning ... fucking beautiful to die too just got out of bed! Why do you come to break the balls at me? Think of her, fuck! Focus on you! "
am stunned, I never expected such a reaction.
" And then look: you claim to preach me naked, wearing only a sheet of wrinkled? But it '! "
blush instantly and remained mute as a fish. A fish out of water just pulled up with the screen.
The eight least one quarter down the steps in haste. Just coming down I rush into my office, I take the bag, check that there is everything and go out into the corridor. sull'attaccapanni grabbed his coat, I put it to me quickly and I look in the dining room. Kirsten Mika is at the table eating breakfast. Both are silent, you hear only the sound of spoons against china cups. I cleared my throat to attract their attention.
"Hey," Kiki said, turning his chair. "Parties?"
Mika simply looking up at me.
"Yes, I have to run away," I say to Kirsten, then I turn to my son, "Mika, do not be late, please!" Finally, add: "And do as you must with Kirsten."
In response, Mika shrugs and mutters: "Hmm, kind? What should I do?"
close my eyes, trying to ignore Mika who speaks with his mouth full. "Okay," I finally opened my eyes, "I'm going. Kiki, we talk later?"
Esco, travel around the corner of the house and fly back.
From the sidewalk I see Nicole tick. "Hey, Lucien, good morning! Parties? "Asked coming towards me.
"Hello Nicole, all right in the hospital?"
"Hey, this ... We have guests in the early morning?" Is indicating Nic Kiki's car parked in the driveway, next to mine.
mezz'aperta I remain in the mouth, unable to respond.
"No! Do not tell me! E 'Kirsten's car! He spent the night with you! ", He cries.
"Shh ..." I put the index finger to his mouth.
"Great, Lucien! You made the center! "Cries again giving me big pat on the back.
I smile, a bit 'hesitant. "D-I have to go ... You make me the pleasure to make sure that Mika was not late to school?"
"Sure, I'll do you go well", Nic is going towards home. Then he stops. "Hey, Lucien: Kirsten knows that I live in your home, right?"
remained motionless, without uttering a word.
I shrugged.
"Oh ..."
"M-I'm sorry, n-no I got to ..."
"Okay, come on, I think," says Nicole finally. "I'll, I will manage it, do not worry."
"Safe?" I ask not entirely convinced.
Nic nods. "Quiet. Trust me. "

NOTE: Kirsten is a character I have stolen from" The OC ". In my fic, She Is not Necessarily The Same exact character of That series.


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