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December 11, 2007 *** ***

"Of course not there is none? "asked Kiki as we enter into my house at four in the afternoon.
"Quiet: Mika is from his friend Spike do not know what to prepare for the school project," I quickly closed the door and taking off his coat.
"And the girl who lives with you?" Asked Kiki to turn off his coat.
"Nicole? So coming out with his girlfriend, Tammy, "I reply as I approach to Kiki and I hold strong to me. "So, darling, the house is for us," said starting to kiss her neck.
"Hmm ..."
"Come here ..." he whispered squeezing even stronger, continuing to kiss her, inhaling the strong smell.
slowly begin to move towards the dining room, still clinging to each other. Kiki I sit on the table and I bend to slip off your shoes, one by one, then caressing her small toes. Then take off my sweater and pulled the skirt. At that point, Kiki leaves the table and began to undress me. Within seconds we are lying on the kitchen floor above me Kirsten. With the bare back, the contrast between the cold tiles of the kitchen and the body heat of Kiki excites me.

"What was that?"
"I heard a noise."
"What noise?"
"It 's some one?"
"Nah, it must be the wind. Come on ... "
" Sure? "
" Hmm ... Come here ... "
s start rolling cuddle hug on the floor.

"Hmm ..."
"What? Dai, cucciolotta ... "
" Somebody, I'm sure! "
" No ... it's the wind ... "
" Did you hear? "I
freezes the blood in his veins. Oh my god, it is Mika returned? Kiki and I hold our breath.
"Sure there is none?" - The voice of Tammy in the hall!
"Quiet: Mika is from his friend Spike do not know what to prepare project for school." - And this is Nicole!
"And the landlord?"
"Lucien? So coming out with his girlfriend, Kirsten. "
Oh, shit, now what? Me and Kiki We looked desperate. Having no other choice, stand like two statues of salt, hoping that Nicole and Tammy go up immediately upstairs. Instead, I hear footsteps approaching towards us - more and more closer. "You that I prepare something? What's to eat? "
hold my breath and get ready for the worst.
"The kitchen where I find them?" At that moment, check Tammy's face from above the central bar. Me and Kiki are on the floor, wedged between the oven and the counter. I see Tammy's eyes open wide in proportion. Luckily, Kiki and I have still wearing underwear ... Tammy continues to stare down, motionless. I exhale and I nervously half embarrassed smile: and now what happens?
"Uh ... You know what?" Tammy cried, turning towards the entrance. "Why do not we go?"
"But Tammy," Nicole replied, "For once we have the house to us! You did not want to cook together? "
" Come on, darling, I feel like coming out! Why not make a jump from Amphora? "Asked Tammy heading for the door.
close my eyes. Please, Nicole, of 'yes! Please, please, please ...
"All right, Tammy. If you really want ... "
Yes! Thank god!

*** *** the next day

"Thanks for coming right away, Kiki," I say out of breath when I go out from the main entrance of the County Kirsten hooking his arm and bringing it away in the direction of Polk Street.
"You told me that it was urgent ... but what?"
"We were caught, Kiki. We have caught. "
" What are you talking? I've called Nicole because we wanted to meet with Mrs. Clucks ... "
" Exactly, "cried. "Tammy has told the what he saw yesterday ..."
"Lucien, but what -"
"Do not you understand? The lie has told us in that posture indecent in the kitchen! That situation ... "
" Lucien, you're delirious! You were at your house, you can do whatever you want with the person you want, right? "I shake my head while I continue
to walk fast for the snowy streets of Chicago. "I do not know, I do not know ..." he muttered. Once in front of the entrance to the cafeteria, we stop. Squeezes the hand of Kirsten and sharp sight trying to see beyond the window, if Nicole is already inside. "I do not know ... because we would have called both here otherwise?" Kiki
shrugs. "There is only one way to find out: go in and talk to them."
I take a big sigh and, albeit reluctantly, I decided to enter.

"Good. Kirsten, Lucien, thanks for coming. "
Tammy and Nicole are sitting in front of us, beyond the table fornicates gray. Kiki is my right to quiet while I drum my fingers nervously on the table and move his eyes off Nicole Tammy, then by Tammy at Kiki from Kiki Tammy by Tammy and finally back to Nicole.
"We have called here to talk about one thing, a very serious thing," said Tammy before us falls between silence again.
I look down, I concentrate and reflect on what happened yesterday afternoon. E 'sleazy, they're right. Lewd behavior in a room which should shine with cleanliness and hygiene more than any other ... He raised his head and open his mouth to offer my apology: "I'm sorry Tam - ..."
"Me and Nicole are getting married, and we want you to be our witnesses,"
"- my."
"What, sorry?" Kirsten asked point-blank.
"Yes, we decided a few days ago."
"I really want, we have no doubt," said Nicole.
"We want the world to know how much we love each other. We wish to officially sanction what we feel the one for the other. "
" It 's our decision, "said Nic met.
"I do not know what to say ... is ... is ... Congratulations!" Is the comment by Kirsten embarrassed.
"Lucien, You ... "Nicole asks a bit 'hesitant' ... what do you think?"
I shut my mouth. Lucien, do not be stupid, shut your mouth. I feel the eyes of all the women sitting at the table on me. With all my strength I can tighten my lips. Swallow. The second pass and my silence is beginning to be heavy. I have to say something. Come on, anything!
"Av-A-you've done the wedding gift?"
Kirsten, Nicole and Tammy widened his eyes on me and frown.
"This ..." I reply hesitantly, "v-mean no?"

a week later *** ***

"No way! But that amended! And on Christmas Day! Tammy and Nic are spectacular too! "Says Mika.
slowly raised the spoon to her mouth and swallow a little more 'cream of asparagus.
"But then two women can marry? I did not know ... "
" No, Mika ", correct. "They will not be a marriage officer, is ...", I paused for a moment to take a deep breath, "... is only an exchange of vows, the ceremony will have a symbolic value."
"Votes? Who votes? ", Mika asked before withdrawing with the voracity soup from the spoon.
"The wedding vows."
Mika looks at me confused.
"I, Tom, take thee, Caio as my lawful husband, to love and respect you in wealth and in poverty ... this stuff here," short cut and I stand up. I take the plate and glass and take them into the kitchen. Mika does not give me respite and follow me this far.
"You were kind enough to offer you here to do the ceremony!"
shrugged when I open the faucet of the sink. "It's not that they had much choice here ... Better to celebrate that Mrs. Clucks, is not it?"
"Who knows what a mess ... But how many people will we be?"
"Few I would say, Tammy and Nicole do not have many friends here in Chicago ... It 's also why Tammy asked Kiki to be her witness. "
" Aha ... But if there were ... I mean, if ... If I call someone? "
Mika tap and look into his eyes. "You do not want to invite some of your friends ... alternative?"
Mika shaking his head.
"So what?" He insists.
"Nothing, I just ask, eh ..." Short cuts went off in a hurry. That's funny ... I wonder what did in my head ...

December 21, 2007 *** ***

"Kiki, you say okay here?"
"Let me see ... Nah, move a little 'higher."
Puff and remove the red ball, then hang on a few branches, alongside the gold. "So?"
Kirsten moved back a few steps to see the mast from a distance. "Yes, now is fine. I would say that only lacks the dash of artificial snow and here we are! "
I shake my head and crossing his arms over his chest. "I'm doing this just because Mika keeps us so much ..."
"Come on ... The Christmas tree is a tradition which is not allowed to give up, even you. So shut up to hand me the bottle and the Spoiler "
" As you wish, "grumbles. At a time when I bend to take the spray, the doorbell rings. I get up at once: "Who is it?" I say to myself moving towards the entrance. I approached the door and looked into the peephole.
I can not believe my eyes.
I opened the door suddenly. A gust of cold air hits me. Katherine at the door.
"I've been bitten by a dog."
I look down and see her tights torn at the right ankle, and a small wound that throws blood. Upside the head. I would ask: what are you doing here? Instead reached out and do lean on me. "Come, let's go."
We advance slowly toward the living room.
"Ouch ..."
"Does it hurt?" I ask. Kath
bites his lower lip and nods.

"Lucien?" - Kiki looks out from behind the tree. "Oh ..." Katherine
I sit on the couch and go up the footrest, padded seat. Raised her right leg and gently over the support there.
"Oh, sorry, I interrupted something?" Asked Kath noticing the presence of Kiki.
"No," I reply got to his feet. "Kirsten, this is my ex-wife, Katherine. Kath, Met Kirsten Nichols. "Kiki
approaches Kath and the two women shook hands. Do a quick look at Kirsten and I crouch again near Katherine. "Explain to me what happened to you?"
"I wanted to buy a gift for Mika, I was walking and I have chased a pack of little dogs that seemed to stray wolves in miniature. 'Stay', I yelled. 'H Fermi '. Waste of breath. I tried to run, but they are not running shoes, "he says pointing to his cleavage blacks with the heels. "I have pursued throughout Michican Avenue, to Niketown. I jumped in the store, driving them away, one of them has bitten me the ankle, I shook my leg levarmelo off. And this is the result. "
listen to the story of Katherine in agitated silence, then:" You tell me why you did not go to hospital immediately to the emergency room? ", I almost reproachfully.
"You know I'm terrified of hospitals!"
"Then why do not you go by ..."
"... a doctor," said Kirsten for me.
"Exactly," reiterates Kath.
I take a big sigh and begin to remove the right shoe. I stare at the calves, thin, and thin ankles. And feet, with small hammer toes lined up side by side. "I'm going get some 'patch of ice and some, "I quietly got to his feet.

Just go down with ice and gauze in hand, I find Kirsten hall wearing his coat.
"Kiki ... you going?"
"The tree we have almost finished, right? And then you have nothing else to do here ... "
shake my head. "I'm sorry, I never imagined that," Kirsten
puts his hand on my shoulder. "Quiet, there are no problems," reached out and whispered giving me a light kiss on the cheek. "I'll call you later."
wait for Kiki has closed the door behind her and again by the living room.
"You know that the guards of the shop have done a wonderful job?"
"The guards of the store: they have captured the dogs of the protector sheath dresses and have them delivered to the police. Apparently not the first time, you know? They say that there is a pack of strays wandering the city for free! "
nod while I clean the wound and yet I wonder what Katherine has come to do here in Chicago.
"You know, Lucien, I really admire your perseverance."
I raise my head and reached up Kath a questioning look.
"Same haircut, same build ... Even the names are similar, Katherine and Kirsten ... "
I knew it here comes the
skit ..." I'll tell you: a mediocre tease you for your inability to change gender. But I ... I will consider it a tribute! "
I draw a resounding sigh. "I think Mika should call and tell him you're here."
"Ah ... you say? But, really ... "
"Me and Mika us ... we saw yesterday ..." he confesses Kath averting his gaze from mine.
"We went shopping together, we have ... I took an outfit for the wedding."
"Marriage?" I ask in a faint voice.
"What ... you will here from you."
smell. Well, and so I was unaware of everything ... "OK. Now get up, go to the ER. "
" What! "
" Need un'antirabbica. "
" No, I will not! "
" You must do the rabies: it is not a joke, if that dog there had, you risk arrest. "
" I said no. "
" Katherine! "
" But there's another place that is not the hospital? A private doctor's office, I know ... "
I take yet another sigh of the evening. "I'll try to call Dr. Foster, hoping that it is still going on holiday ..."


"It seems that they found palatable," said Foster's replacement, the Dr. Jumppanen, looking at the leg of Katherine. "Any idea what kind they were?"
"pointy ears, pointy faces, size extra small ..."
"That's them!"
"I heard that there is a pack of strays wandering Grant Park for free. "
"See? I told you so ", it makes me Kath.
"Hmm," I nod.
"It 's up with the tetanus shot?" Asked the doctor to Kath.
"I'm not up with nothing," she says.
"You?", He asked me.
"I am a doctor. Are equal. "

" That's it! It was not so terrible, is not it Madam? "
" Hmm ... "mumbles Kath not entirely convinced.
"Good. I tell you now that the anger will have to make five more injections over the next four weeks. E 'key to complete the cycle; rabies is fatal, no injections. "Kath and I
annuiamo silent.
"I will ask you to stay in the waiting room for about twenty minutes, just to be sure that there are no allergic reactions, and then must make a second injection between, say, three days. Can have it done by your doctor, or if you still call me here and I'll make them myself. "
" Thank you, thank you very much, "he says Kath. Katherine
Help to get out of bed and together we sit in the waiting room.

Sitting on a sofa with dark skin, Katherine ask, "How are you? Everything okay? "Kath is
runs his hand through his hair and give a nervous sigh. "So, so ..."
rubbed a hand on her back. "Still, you are now in place."
"Thank you, Lucien ..."
"No problem. One thing ... explain to me what are you doing in Chicago? "
" It 's happened a mess ... It' s a period of hell, a ... a relationship I had with a guy is ... phew, I thought that was beginning something important but ... that asshole! "
" What did he do? ", I worried.
"No, dickhead I believe him!"
"Ah ..."
'E' that I found myself alone like a dog in Florence, then during the holidays ... I miss Mika, I missed it so much that I did not think to make it, and in fact I did not. I asked for a month's leave and I left, have already found someone to replace me. Mika I felt, I told him I was coming for the holidays and did not want to ... well ... honestly, I did not want to bother you. "
" Do not disturb me, "Whisper running a hand through his hair.
"Look, I ... I'm sorry about before ..."
"When? What? "
" Those things I said about you, Kirsten ... on the name, honor ... " Kath continues, shaking his head, "I do not think really, really ... I'm sorry."
"What have you got to grin?"
"I think you're doing the rabies reaction ..."
"You're delirious!"
Kath makes a face and pulls me to pinch on your side .
"So you learn to make fun of me!"
"Hey, what's that sound? Is that you? "
" Oh, I will ring the phone, "says Kath rummaging in her purse. "Behold, look, it's Mika!"
"Give me that."
I'll nod. 'Do answer me. "
I take the cellular Kath, I open the door and I answer as if nothing had happened," Hello? "
other end of the line I feel a slight hesitation. "... Ehm ... I'm sorry, I tried ..."
"S-so ... Dad? But are you? "
" Yes, it's me who thought I was? "
" Eh ... boh ... "
I burst out laughing. "I'm here with my mother, you're home?"
"Yes, I'm back now ... I saw the tree good you have been! "
" Thanks, it helped me Kiki, indeed almost everything she has done ... Listen, Mika, you'll make something good to order from Thailand? "
" Sure? What do you want? "
" Take three full menu, we have a guest to dinner, "I reply. Then whisper Kath: "Do you?"
She nods firmly and gave me a beautiful smile.

1. As done many times before, I have quoted passages from the book A Few "This book will save your life" by AM Homes.

2. The "I am going to homage to Consider It" by Katherine Said thing to Lucien is a quotation from Scrubs' episode 1.18, words coming out of the golden mouth of the ex-wife, Jordan Sullivan.


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