Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Infinity St 950 Manual

Too many holidays and too many women

"Mika!" Cry from my room. "The mother has not arrived yet? He said the four "
" Mom is down, I'm late! "
What? I go out immediately and go down the stairs fast. I look in your living room, is not there. In room dining and kitchen either. It will be in the bathroom? Even there: empty.
"Mika!" Cry from the bottom of the stairs. "Here there is no"
I hear the muffled footsteps of Mika on the floor of the first floor near the stairwell. I look up and see Mika bent over the railing.
"Hey, be careful! Come on! "
" If you want the mother is out. "
" Out? Why did not you come in? ", I spun around to go and look. I open the door and go out on the porch. I make some progress, I look left, then right, but she is not there. I start scratching my head down the steps: where the hell is it over?
Suddenly I smell smoke and I turned to my left. Eyes widened: Katherine, wrapped in a long black coat, smoking a cigarette.
"What ... what ...?"
Kath makes me 'hello hello' with his free hand.
Incredulous, I approach her, "What are you doing?"
Kath raises the cigarette he holds in his right hand, "Smoke!"
"I can not believe you stopped!"
"It 's been a million years ago and then ... I told you I was sad and lonely in Florence, I needed it! "
I half smile and shake my head.
"Want to make a shot, too?"
"Come on! A single shot ", is holding out his cigarette with innocent to me.
"Look, I do not smoke."
'Well, maybe you do not smoke cigarettes, but you know how. Come on! "
" I told you so! "Without
listen to me, Katherine reached out his cigarette and close to my face. I keep tight-lipped.
As usual, there's no way to say no. Slightly opens his mouth and I approach the filter, sandwiched between his spindly fingers. Start to suck, but I have to laugh. I try to restrain myself, but I feel that she starts to grin. What the hell are we doing? We look like two teenagers who try smoking for the first time! I can not resist and laughs like crazy. Needless to say the smoke goes through and I start to cough furiously, Rista and between one another.
Do a final cough and try to regain control of my physical faculties. With a decisive gesture extension cigarette, or what little is left of it, from the hand of Katherine and the string between the thumb, index and middle fingers. The port quickly to his mouth and breathed hard. The harshness of the smoke, mixed with freezing cold air, I scratched my throat. At that moment ...
"Hey! Hello? "- Appears Kirtsten alla nostra destra, coperta da un elegante cappotto bianco. In un attimo il suo viso si tramuta da gioioso e sorridente a scuro e accigliato. Finisco di espellere il fumo e la saluto: “Ciao, Kiki.”
Dopo qualche secondo di silenzio, “Lucien… tu fumi??”
Scuoto la testa. “M- me l’ha data lei…”, farfuglio indicando Katherine alla mia sinistra.
“Sì, è mia”, taglia corto Kath riprendendosi il suo mozzicone, facendo l’ultimo tiro e spegnendo la sigaretta col piede sulla ghiaia.
“Yo, gente!” – Mika spunta sulla soglia. “Ehi, Kikita, ci sei anche tu?”
“Amore!”, says Katherine.
"MA'!!", Mika cried throwing her arms.
"So we're leaving the company ... Thanks, Lucien."
"pa Hello, hello Kikita! You pick! "
Kiki and I remain for a few seconds to look at properties and Katherine Mika walking merrily along the path, then turn left and continue along the sidewalk of North Page Avenue.

" Come, let us go, " I say softly, crossing his arms over his chest: is freezing out here.
Upon entering, take off his coat to help Kiki.
"You amaze me, you know Lucien?"
Not knowing how to respond, I limit myself to fix his coat.
"You doctors should not smoke!"
"In fact I do not smoke. It will not happen again. "
She smiles, takes my face in her hands and kisses me on the mouth. "Hmm ... you feel ..." murmured pulling her lips from mine.
"Sorry," I reply, lowering his head.
"How soon get our man?" Asks her going towards the living room.
"Should be here soon ... how long do you think?"
"A couple of hours at least, maybe three," he says. "Or maybe all night."
I reach it and I hold her waist. "And when we get some 'time just for us?" He whispered in his ear.
She turns to me and lightly placing his lips on my cheek. To me it is not enough: I put in front of her and hold her strong, approaching our faces, putting my nose first on his chin, then on his nose and then gently kissing her forehead, smooth and warm.
At that moment the doorbell rings.
"It must be him," says Kiki pushing to open the way to go.

A couple of hours and a dozen medical articles later, I go out of my office and I look in your living room. Kiki and Mr. Vincent - or perhaps I should call Miss Vincent - still debate and exhibitions of the room for the next wedding. It is certain that Nicole has literally vanished these days is either to work in hospital or at home of Tammy and leave us the responsibility to prepare everything. Luckily, there
Kiki ... "The toilet? And 'that way, "I hear the voice of Kirsten. Leaning against the doorpost, I try to smile to Miss Vincent as he passes by me.
"Hey, where have you been hiding?"
"I read a bit '... to keep me updated, you know ..." I do it in a languid tone approaching Kiki.
"It's getting great!" Exclaims enthusiastically, "I told you that Mr. Vincent was the best in Chicago."
"Who Miss Vincent?" Asked hugging me.
"Oh, Lucien, do not start ..."
"Hmm?" Groan as I begin to kiss her neck.
"Come on, you could leave the bathroom at any moment!"
"So what?" I ask infinlandole hand under her sweater.
"Lucien!" I do not feel
reasons. Miss Vincent can go to hell. And speaking of Miss Vincent
... "Oops, sorry ..." Here he is at his feet.
"M-Excuse me Mr Vincent, Kirsten begins trying to free himself from my grasp. But I do not give up.
"Why do not you take a break?" I say.
"Shh ..." shut up and give Kiki a significant look at Vincent. "Twenty minutes, half an hour ... maybe you can have a snack at the Square Café."
After some hesitation, and some other look very clear on my part, Vincent decides to leave us alone.
"So, where were we?"
Kirsten looks at me gravely.
the end gives in and smiles at me. "I want so much?" I sign
shook his head. "More."

*** "Hey, stop!" He exclaimed with Nicole going down the stairs with the quilt already wearing.
"Come here a moment, girellona"
She ran a hand through his hair and joined in the studio. "What did you say?"
"What I tell you?" I ask ironically, getting up from the table. "Two words, something, it's an eternity since we've seen, you never!"
"Yes, you're right, however, that sin is always in the hospital to work: with all the vacation days you've got, someone but will go ahead with the department "
chuckled. "I wanted to be a bit 'with Mika ..."
"Mika? But if there is never even him! It 's always running around with friends or with her mother ... "I shrugged
. "If he needs me, he knows I exist."
Nic looks at me sideways.
'Well? What is it? "
" Other than Mika, Lucien! Di'pure you want to be all alone with your girlfriend! "
" What! It is not true! ", Exclaimed with indignant air. Nic
shakes his head. "I do not do me, dear! And I bet now with two women around, Kiki and Katherine, you're all ringalluzzito "
" Eh? "
" Yes, yes ... if you want to deny! "
I bite my lower lip: I was caught in the middle ...
" Lucien, I'm sorry but I must escape. And I'm sorry to have left the organization to you all ... "
" Do not worry, Nic. And Kirsten was to volunteer. You do not worry we'll do that here! "Says kissing her forehead.
Nic gets up on tiptoes and me a big hug. "Thanks."


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