Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Poison Oak Vs Shingles

This year's Christmas ...

"I can not believe: we are preparing for a marriage between two women came to my home in my living room," cried.
"You're a man of wide views, Lucien," I congratulated Kirsten.
"Yeah, and I thought of marrying a traditionalist ...", intrudes Katherine.
"will surely genes inherited from my mother!"
"Oh yeah?" Kiki asked, "Why, what was your mother?"
"Mother?" She interrupted again, Kath, "I really I have always considered the carbon copy of your father!"
"But ...", the answer cut short. "You know, Kiki," she continues, "My mother has always been an exuberant type, very special."
"Yes, and very 'break'..." Ignore the comment
Kath and go on to talk to Kirsten.

"Behold, I say ... My mother has always been a particular type, so that at some point became a kind of hippie, a 'free thinker', so he called it, and even came to take me and my sister from school for us to study at home with her! "
"Oh my God, this school at home I'd just forgotten!"
"Home Schooling?"
"Yes, Kiki, that's right. It had become a fanatic of the revolutionary ideas of Ivan Illich, and eventually bring his teachings to the extreme. "
" And then we took off from school?! But how old were you? "
" I was halfway through the first year of high school, Vera third. "
" I think you liked it better to study at home with mom ... "
I take a big sigh." Yes, it is true Kath, you're right: I really liked studying at home, happy? "Kath
shrugs and turns his head away.
" Ma .. The school system already existed at that time at home? "asked Kiki.
" Ha! 'At that time'! Are you a ruin, Lucien "
" Oh, sorry, I did not want ... "
" Do not worry, Kiki, do not pay attention to her, "I reply, while Kath gave me a look of fire.
" However, I continue ignoring it, "to answer your question, Kirsten, this system which today is equivalent to public education, 'at that time,' "I say, repeating the words of Kiki," was not entirely legal and in fact ... "
" Indeed? "
" he ended up a lawyer, a friend of my father, strongly advised us to return to school immediately, otherwise we would have spent some serious trouble with the law! "
" Dad! "
I turn and see Mika running towards me.
"Pa, we are about to begin! Go to your place, RUN! You too, Kirsten, on the side of Tammy! "I look
Kiki and she looks at me, we're both a bit 'scared - both witnesses to a wedding a bit' ... 'so'.
" So!? Come on, go! "


" Nicole, with this ring I promise you my absolute loyalty and declare my infinite love. With this ring, I will - "
Suddenly, Nicole pulls his hand away." I'm sorry, "whispers, before jumping down from the dais. Begins to run, gets in my face giving me a shove. It does not stop and keep running down the hall toward the door. All we turn around, looked after him, but none moves, we are all paralyzed.
"Nicole!" - Tammy is time to jump down and start running.
"PA! It 'something!" He presses Mika. Kirsten
I look for help, but I see more frightened of me shakes his head.
I turn to Katherine, standing further back, raising his arms as if to say that now is done - the party is over.
Concerned, I went to the door and I find it wide open. Tammy and I look outside I see you running away into the street like a mad woman. What's going on?
"He took your car!" Kirsten and I turn around I see that shows me the empty bowl door keys. "Nicole."
What the hell is the get it? And now what?

few hours later, me, Kirsten, Katherine Mika and we sat in silence around the large rectangular table that was supposed to host the dinner for all attendees - including spouses. The room is empty, just us.
dip the ladle in a bowl of punch and fill the glass of Kiki. Then I motioned to Katherine to see if he wants too. Kath and then nods toward even his glass. Sitting next to Katherine, Mika gives it a light blow with his elbow, as if to ask for a bit 'too. Kath looks at me, I glanced at the devil, look at that Kath and Mika nods her head no.
"Hey, Mika," asks Kiki, "What is that paper you hold in your hands?"
"This?", Mika application showing a crumpled piece of paper, "They are the wedding vows of Tammy, had fallen to the ground."
"Can I?"
Kirsten takes the paper and starts reading: "When I think about how you know me, I have no doubt, I have no second thoughts, and when your smile can be so reassuring a family paradise and when there is none other than makes me complete, I did not need any more. And I have this feeling of loving you already. We were probably lovers in an army that was marching toward Rome, Fiano side in battle, having left bravely our house? I held my arms while he breathed his last? I cursed all the gods, I shouted that I loved you beyond death? Or even more? I swear: I loved you already. There are perhaps hidden in dark ages, by a vengeful god above us? Our names were so strange to speak of love? I cling to every moment with you, every glance or a farewell contact unexpected? We tried to get more? I know: I loved you already. Have I wandered in the desert? I tried the North Star? I have traveled for days and nights on the tracks to get back to you? And every time I was in, those eyes, I'm sure they were your own. When I think of as you know me, I have no doubt, I have no second thoughts, and when your smile can be so comforting, a familiar paradise, and when no one else that makes me complete, I do not want more. And I have this feeling of loving you already. I know: I loved you already. "


When finished reading, no one dares say a word. We remain in silence, each looking down, absorbed in thought. The words written by Tammy are intense, sincere, more beautiful than a poem. Are true and powerful, do not leave us indifferent. I just wonder what could have happened in the mind of Nicole. Prenuptial panic? But what happens to everyone ... No, something must be more serious. I know, Tammy Nicole would not have left in that situation if there had been something really serious ... But what could have happened? Suddenly Katherine
clears her throat, and turn toward us all about her. "Gotta go, now it's too late," he says standing up. "Lucien, I can use your phone? The battery of my phone is dead and I have to call a taxi. "
" No, "I reply, standing up suddenly," I'll walk, "
" Yes, what car? "
" You're right ... "
" Why do not you take mine, Lucien? "
" No, Kirsten, thank you, "Kath replied to me," a taxi will be fine. "
" Really, I insist! ", Kiki responds to his feet. "Lucien, come on, take my car," is stretching the keys to me.
nod and take the keys. "So are we going?" I ask Kath.
"Okay. So thank you, Kirsten. Mika, we will talk soon, okay? "
" OK, Mom. 'Night, "he says hugging her.


"At Whitehall, right?"
"Yes, Delaware Place."
We travel in silence along Irwin Park Road, alongside a series barrage of small low houses, some lit, some already extinguished in view of the long night.
"How are you?"
"Are you worried?"
exhaled a sigh. 'A little. "

" Just a nice Christmas, eh? "Asked Kath smiling.
smile too. "Yeah right!"
"But, come on, at least Mika liked our presents!"
'It is true, Mika was thrilled! "
" See? Finally after so many years you have learned what they like! "
nod. "In the end ..."
"I can not believe that's already been a year, you know?"
It 's true: Exactly one year has passed since Kath came to see me leaving in the letter. That
letter ... "He likes to be with you, you know?" I turn to
Katherine, surprised.
"Mika told me so many things cute, funny ... a lot of stories about what he does, you do, which is Nicole ... You are really a beautiful trio!"

"Are you going to return to Italy, right? "I ask after a minute's silence.
"I have a flight booked for next Saturday," he says looking out the window. "But I really want to go ... On the other hand, what we do here? I do not have a house, or a family to return to. And although they have got a replacement, to May there is still the place for me as a violinist. So I back. "
" It's not that 'you', Kath. "
" Ah, no? "Asks turned his penetrating gaze into mine.
do not know. I do not know anything more now.

'E' right here, right? "
" Yes, after that light. "
locate the hotel, approaches the front door. Pull the handbrake and let the engine running.
"With the passage. He also thanked Kirsten, please. "
" Of course I will. "
We remain a few seconds in silence.
"OK, then I go."
Another moment of silence.
"If you do not see you before I leave, Lucien ..."
winces at his words. I do not want to go away so soon.
"... Happy New Year!"
"Happy New Year to you too," I reply, but this is not exactly that I want to say. Kath
smiles one last time and falls from the vehicle and closes the door. Through the window slightly tarnished, I observe Katherine walking towards the entrance of the hotel, its slender silhouette framed by her tight black coat.

-------------------------------------------- I " wedding vows "Tammy is my translation (done on the fly) of the song" I've loved you before " Melissa Etheridge (album The Awakening, 2006). Melissa Etheridge, as well as being a famous American singer, is the wife Tammy Lynn Michaels, the actress who gives face to Nicole Julian (the original of 'Popular' and my NIC).


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