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Streaming Tiffany Towers

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"We check the values every two hours? "Shirley asks me, coming back down the corridor.
"Yes, perfect," I reply fast brisk walk to the elevators.
"If there's something I call her o..? "
" Yeah, yeah, call me, call me, I have a pager with me, only now ... "I interrupt you a moment to throw me into the elevator," ... is that now I have to ... "Just then the doors close and in front of me, saving me the embarrassment of answering.
gently knock on the door and I hold my breath. From inside the room I hear his muffled voice that says, "Next".
turn the handle and push the door forward. I enter the room but I do not see anyone.
"Abby?" Name a voice not too high.
At that moment I hear the cry of a baby coming from the bathroom door: I turn and I check Abby, in sweatshirt and pants, in her arms the little Leeroy.
" Hey, I whisper approaching.
"Lucien, what a surprise ... Hey, my love", he then turning the baby "looks a bit ' who came to see you? Did you see who's here? There's Uncle Lucien! "
smile to his words and I walk a few inches from the baby. "Hello Leeroy! Hello ... It 's beautiful, "exclaimed finally turning to Abby.
Abby smiled a beautiful smile, a smile from mom, and rest for a moment as if hypnotized and I lose myself in his eyes, that look so sweet ... "You're beautiful," she whispered almost involuntarily as my right hand close to his cheek. Abby instinctively shrinks. At the same moment the door opens and Luka appears in the doorway. "Abby, come on, let us go - Oh! Lucien, are you here? "
Withdrawal hand away, embarrassed. I look down on the ground and I put both hands in his pockets.
"Everything okay?" Luka asks in a tone a bit 'hostile approaching us.
"... I m-I was leaving," I say moving away to the side.
"Half a turn?", Abby asks me, referring to the fact that not wearing the shirts.
"Yeah ... now I have to attend a parent-teacher meeting at the school of Mika. "
" Ah, you're lucky! "Exclaims Luka.
not grasping the meaning of his comment, look at him with a puzzled expression.
"parent-teacher meeting, Lucien! "He says, spreading his arms. "Single moms to go-go! "
" Luka! ", It still takes Abby Leeroy cradled in his arms.
" What? "Lucien is single, is a wonderful opportunity for him!" He says of the jet. Then he looks at me, frowning, "Why you're single, right? "
blush instantly, even though in reality I would not have any reason. "Yes," I say cut it short. "Now I must go, though. Abby, Luka, was a pleasure, "I add as I go to the door. "Be well, see you soon! "Exclaimed the first to sneak out in a hurry.
"Oh, a surgeon!?"
"Yes ..."
"Congratulations! She has a fantastic job! "
" Thank you hundreds of lives are saved every day, you realize? "
'Well, maybe not hundreds, but ... "
" You work at night? "
" must always wear a coat? "
" Are you married? "
"How much does a surgeon like her a year?"
Help! I do not know what to say, I do not know what to do ... I'm surrounded by a trio of cackling and mothers overwhelmed me with questions. How do I get rid?
"But those are not anti-long hair toilets?"
At these words, we all turned back to a young lady in a suit a few steps away from us.
"Excuse me?" I ask.
"I was wondering whether to take such long hair like his was harmful to the environment aseptic hospital, as well as obviously uncomfortable."
"Uncomfortable? N-not ... not at all uncomfortable, "I reply looking at the cropped hair, which leads straight on the head. "And then, madam," he adds, "wear long hair is not anti-hygienic: just keep it clean!"
"But when you visit patients? And in the operating room? "
" In the operating room, madam, "I say a little 'irritated," bring all the shirts, gloves, mask and bonnet! "
' Well, if you say so ... "said the lady in the suit in a resentful tone before turning away and leave.
"Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for your participation. I remember at the end of our meeting, that the education of your children has the greatest importance for us: do not hesitate to call us to ask questions and, because no, to give us suggestions to improve the quality of teaching and social life in this school. Thank you again and wish you a happy evening. "
After the final speech, we all stand up and applaud the deputy headmaster. Finally, we salute you quickly and everyone goes their own way.
'a quarter past seven,' I think to myself. 'Maybe I do it in time ... "
I turn the key in the lock and entered.
"I at home, "cried while I support the sull'appendiabiti jacket. At that moment I hear rapid footsteps coming down the stairs. I look up. "Hey, hello Nico-"
" Nicole, but what-"
" AHH! Oh my god, Lucien! "
gets me scared. "What happened?"
"NO!! Lucien!! No !!!!"
"Nic?" I do not understand what is taken.
"What FACT ??!?! Are you nuts ?!?!?"
"Me?" I ask surprised.
"What have you done to your hair ?!?!"
" You see? "I ask all proud touching my neck.
"... You're crazy! How did you come to mind to cut them?!? "
" Dunno ... it was so long that I kept them ... "
" But no, Lucien ... Your beautiful curly brown hair! "
" Be ', but you know, wear long hair is a bit 'uncomfortable ... "
" Uncomfortable? "
" Yes, for a doctor is not comfortable to wear long hair is not hygienic, "
" What!? "
"But yes, while we visit patients ... A too thick hair is not professional, come on."
"Lucien, you realize what you're saying? Along with the hair you have lost even the light of reason?! Most women wear their hair shorter or longer: so you think we women are not medical professionals?!? "
"M-but no ... I did not mean that ..."
"Oh no? So what did you mean?? "
I bite my lips, unable to respond, and I walk in silence to the hall mirror. "But why do you think I'm not well?"
Nicole makes a big sigh and comes towards me, ready to read my new 'head' in the mirror. "Do not you think that short hair make me look more al-"
"Oh ... n-no ... not old ... I mean ..."
"I thought I did appear higher ..."
"Alto!?" Nicole Eslami eyes wide.
"Yes, high, why?"
"s-Ah ... yes ... maybe ... a few inches ..."
I can not suppress a smile. 'Tell the truth: I do not look at all higher, right? "
" No! "Answers sincere and Nicole burst out laughing together.
After a brief consultation in the emergency room back up in surgery. I go out of the elevator and as I head to the office I take the stethoscope from his neck and put it in the right pocket of the coat. I push the door and into my room. Even if it's dark, I headed for the desk sure to find the switch on a lamp table.
"Well, Doctor, can you make this recipe or not!?"
For a moment I will freeze the blood in his veins. I'm just another second, However, to realize who it belongs to that deep voice that resonates behind me.
"I can not believe ..." I say turning on the light and turning back.
Michael approached me with his arms forward in style zombies.
"do not scare me!", I burst out laughing.
"I want the ricettaaaa", grumbles.
"Ahah ahahaha!"
A slap on the back and then a big hug. "Well?! How are you, amigo? "
replacement embrace, then we go way back.
"Fuck you doing here?" He exclaimed.
"Are not you glad to see me?"
placed his hands on his hips. "So?"
Michael shrugs. "I was from my few days in Detroit, since then I had to give me a check-up, I decided to do it here from you."
"Check-up?" I ask.
"Seh on in Cardiology."
"But ..."
"Quiet, not I have nothing, just a check-up! After I spend another tot cardiology exams ... All that stuff he prescribed my doctor. "
frowned, a bit 'confused.
"Dude, look, there's nothing strange: we are getting close to fifty! Do not know about you, but I do not control that day! "
Fifty? I pretend not to hear and change the subject.
"And the wife d0ve you left?"
"Do not marry you had with that Brazilian?"
"Eh? Ah, no ... if they have not done anything then ... "
I look a bit 'worried that the story ended badly?
"What?" He asks.
"Eh? No, nothing - "
" Look I'm fine! You, rather, what is the situation chicks? "
" Michael ... "
" Come on! How did it go then with that girl? "
" Q-What girl? "
"Do you remember who brought you dine at Charlie Trotter's one night? When it was? A year and a half ago? "
I take a deep breath. "Almost two ..."
"Hmm ... so if they have not done anything for you either, eh?"
shake my head. At that time my pager starts to vibrate. "An emergency arrival in the emergency room ..."
"You have to go?"
"Oh, yes," I nod. "Listen, why do not we go out for a drink tonight?"
"In short, the Brazilian gave us bad inside?", I sip the second pint.
"A sex goddess, the perfection made woman, Lucien, you can not even imagine!" Replies Michael. "We spent entire days and nights, sex at full power! Pity then that he found a twenty-five Croatian and you forget about me! "
" Croatian? "Ask the face with disgust.
"Yes, Croatian, why? "
I shake my head and throw down a nice sip of beer.
"So, are you? No more Charlie Trotter's? No more romantic dinner? "
" It 's a long story ... "
" You always say so, Lucien, your stories seem to be the longest and most complicated of the earth! "
escapes me laugh.
"I think the stories are rather simple and clear in this world, only that you are of clay and not understand anything!"
"Maybe ..." I can tell between a laugh and another, "... you're right!"
Third pint. Michael stands up well, as usual I have sweaty rotten and my head is spinning.
"And that Kirsten was so beautiful?"
nod. "You should see it ... you should see it ..."
"tall, slim?"
"Funny, looks like models ... very intelligent ..."
"Shit, Lucien, and you're made to run away!? You tell me how you did, you've done? Why do I assume that was your fault ... I do well? "
to Launch Michael a look that is worth a thousand words.
"Oh yeah, I was not wrong!" She exclaims. "Well? Fuck you done? "
" not even worth it ... "I whisper softly.
"No, no, now you tell me! I've told the Brazilian thee! Next! "Insists giving me a little blow on the shoulder.
"Then," beginning. Then I stop now to give the last drop the pinta. "I ... No, I can not."
"Come on! Speak! "
shake my head. "No, I can not, really, is it too ..."
"Too embarrassing?"
"Too embarrassing and too stupid!"
"HAHA! Too stupid! Now I'm really curious: from, shoot! "
" OK. I ... well, I have ... "
Michael comes up to me and with eyes wide.
"I called Katherine."
"Nooo! NO! "
" When we were in bed together, "he adds.
"No. No, no, no! I can not believe! You're crazy, man, 'You fool! How do I? But how do you ?!!?"
"You're incredible, you know?"
"That 's what you said."
my words Michael rista bursts into a frenzied, and I, now clouded by the fumes of alcohol, I follow suit.
After a few minutes of insane laughter, Michael returns seriously. "Now listen, Lucien. You and me we must develop a plan who lose out on the right path, we can not be alone, people like me and you no longer have anything in between. "
" What ... what chance? "
" We have almost fifty years, Lucien! Who will take us two, five, ten years? The women are to be averted as lepers: Do not have much time! You and I must find a way to settle down, and soon. "
"You're kidding, right?"
"No, I'm not kidding. Do you want to spend the rest of your life, your old age, alone? Not me! I want to have someone next: I want a woman, a beautiful woman who is near me and she loves me. You do not want this? "
not answer and I look at my empty glass.
"What, are you afraid of? Think you can not find anyone? "
shake my head.
"So that's your problem?"
I spun around and almost lose my balance falling off the stool. Michael grabs me just in time. "Hey, look out!"
The head starts to turn around now, really strong.
"Lucien, listen: you must find a woman and I will help you. We understand each other? "
shake my head.
"Ah, no?"
Michael chuckles. "You're drunk ..."
"I ... I do not want anybody."
"Come on, Lucien! Stop making fun! "
" I'm not kidding, Michael ... I'm done. Enough. "
" Enough? "
" Enough with the women, these stories come and go, I ... "
" OK, I understand. Come on, take you home, you're cooked. "
" No, "he exclaimed, pointing. "I'm speaking seriously."
Michael stops and looks me straight in the eye.
"I do not want no woman. No but her. "
" She who? "
" Katherine. "
" What? "
" I want her. "
" Lucien, you two- - "
" No, stop. "
" Stop you, Lucien, because I do not stop! You have divorced fifteen years ago, she dumped you and you do not have most wanted, how much fucking time do you want to lose again?! You can not ruin my life for her, I want to understand or not!? "
" No, Michael. I I love you, Kath is the only woman I want. If it is a matter of time, I'll wait. "
" A matter of time?! But if Katherine has had fifteen years of time and was never rebuilt alive! You're an idiot, Lucien, a big dickhead! Why do you want to repeat the same mistake over and over? "
" There is an error, Michael, the other women were mistakes. "
" You're wrong! "
" E But no. "
" Oh no? And how can you be so sure you're doing it right? Eh? "
I'll jump off the stool, and a little unstable, I am standing. Poggio his right hand on his chest and shake his shirt in his hand at heart level. "What I feel inside: this can not be wrong, Michael. It can not. "
*** *** the next day in hospital
" Are you sure you feel good? You can also work with a hangover? "
" What? I have no posthumous, dear Michael! "
"But if last night did not you stand up!"
"It is clear that some pills do not know Japanese ..."
"Pills Japanese?"
nod. "A colleague of Osaka has brought me a box, and I must say it works great!"
"Always at the forefront of medicine, our Dottorone"
I shrug. "What can you do ... But now I must leave you, I have a duodenal resection and laparoscopic cholecystectomy: stuff is long ..."
"Quiet, so I'm not moving! Should I wait to visit the cardiologist, so ... "
" OK, then after "
" Hasta Lueg! "Michael greeted me by raising the upper hand.
I leave the second operation and are already three in the afternoon. I do a quick refreshing dip in the bathroom before going upstairs to Michael. Arrival in the hallway and go directly to her room: the door is wide open. I leaned in the doorway and see a waitress who is remaking the bed.
"Oh, Excuse me ... "- I must have the wrong room. Recheck the numbers: 66. And 'this ... I leaned back and I cleared my throat. "Excuse me, where they brought the patient who was here?"
"I am referring the beds, she answers without even looking with.
A bit 'annoyed, I go to the bar of acceptance of Cardiology. The nurse confirms what I already knew: Michael Voigt, room 66. Thank you and come back by the friendly waitress.
"Sorry to bother you while you work, but I'm looking for Mr. V-"
"I've already mentioned, "he replies," I do only the beds!
I try to stay calm and get back in the hall. How do I find it now? That have already moved to another department? I'll be back by the nurse in acceptance.
"Excuse me again, it could be kind enough to look in other departments if their is a patient named Michael Voigt?"
"Lucien ..."
I turn and I see coming towards Dr. Kaysone me. "Jack, hello."
"Lucien, you have a moment?"
"Sorry, Jack, we can do later?"
"Er ... It would be better now."
"Please excuse me, but I absolutely understand where they have moved a ... By the way, maybe you you know who that is: you have kept a certain Michael Voigt? "
Kaysone unresponsive and looks at me weird.
"Did you see me?"
After a second's hesitation I answered yes.
"Ah, then you also know where they have brought?"
"Lucien listen ... "
Oh, no. "He has something happened?"
Kaysone nods. "We could not do anything ... I'm sorry."
"What?" I ask in a faint voice.
"aortic dissection, Lucien."
"But now where is it?"
Kaysone not responding.
"E '... ... is still room in the operating room ... ..." - I can not finish the sentence, I feel a knot grips the throat and my eyes are filled tears.
"Sorry, Lucien."
reach out my hand and I lean on the counter. I put a hand over her mouth. Through tears I see before me Kaysone that crosses his hands on his chest and looking at me in silence.
"He wants to sit down a moment?", The nurse approached me accepting his chair.
I turn to her and I shook, I do not need that, but at that moment begins to turn around his head drop and I have no strength in his chair.
"Are you okay?" "You want something to drink? Tara, bring him a glass of water. "
bring me a glass of water and I drink it, with difficulty, but I throw it down.
"I have to go there ... do you think?" "Of course, Dr. Kaysone. I keep an eye on me. "
" No need, I'm fine, "he says, getting up shooting up. With all the strength that my body is trying to send back the tears and return to a professional demeanor. "Thank you, Jack. Now I must go. "
" Whatever you need, Lucien, I am here. "
nod and I'll go away. Street where I know. I just know I'm coming down the stairs, holding strong against the railing to avoid falling to the ground. Falling to the ground exhausted. On the ground.
*** *** a week after
E 'evenings and are alone in the house. I took another day off, I'm not going back to the damn hospital. I sit a couple of hours at the kitchen table, in the dark, and I drink a bottle of beer after another. They are there in all files, empty, on the table. I'm pissed off, angry with the world. Why did that happen? Why him? Disgusted, I throw down another mouthful.
Suddenly the doorbell rings. I do not get up. After a few seconds to play again. Puff and I stand up. I turn on the light and go to open the door.
I can not believe. E 'Katehrine, dressed all in black and grim expression on his face.
We exchange a few words of greeting and I enter. What the fuck you came here to do now?
The port in the kitchen and I can sit with me at the table. I can not, I can not speak ... This rage that burns inside of me makes it hard and cold.
"How are you?" She asks finally.
"How think that is? "
Across the table, Katherine does not answer.
We remain silent for long, I did not want to talk. Kath is always at the end to make the first attempt.
"Can I have a bit too 'beer?"
I nod my head to the fridge. "Help yourself, there's as much as you want,"
Katherine gets up. "I thought I had finished all of you!"
The glares at him but no answer.
"Hey, tuna in brine? Who is for you? "
" No, it's Mika. "
" What! But if you do not eat tuna in brine for years now! He ate so much when he was a child ... "
" Really eats with me forever, "she replied coldly.
Kath does not reply, closes the door and sits down again starting to sip his beer.
"What are you doing? What the fuck do you think? "
" Excuse me? "
" Tell me why do not you want to know anything about me and then I think you're always there at his feet! I explain it? "
" Please do not do this to me ... "
" What?! TU! Are you that you're doing this! Every time I say you do not want me, you do not want to be with me, and every time I turn around I am here to turn myself around! "
" Stop, Lucien ... "
" No, Katherine: Stop it! "
That said, swallowing what remains of the fifth bottle of the evening.
pass more minutes of silence. Katherine is strangely quiet, strangely combative. He could easily dismiss them, he could tear you live, but he did not.
"Do you remember the joke that he told Michael during the reception of our wedding?"
"Yes, come on, that of the child ..."
shake my head . "I do not remember ..."
"During a marriage, a girl asked her mother: Mother, mother, because the brides are always dressed in white? Because it means you are happy!, The mother responds. Later in the ceremony, the little girl back again by her mother and says, Mom, Mom, but if the bride wear white because it is happy, because the groom is dressed in black? "
I laugh. "I swear, this I do not remember ..."
"Oh no, eh? I yes, I remember like it was yesterday that the whole room burst out laughing ... and me at that point we were completely drunk and we sbellicavamo on the chair! "
I bite my lips, unable now to test the slightest resentment against Kath.
"Lucien, I'm going ..."
"I'll call you un taxi?”, chiedo alzandomi anch’io.
“No, ho preso un’auto a noleggio, sai… Sto… sto andando a Detroit dai genitori di Michael.”
“D- dai suoi genitori? E perché?”
“Mio fratello li sta aiutando con delle pratiche legali, e… be’, volevo passare da loro.”
“Allora c’è già Bradley con loro?”
Kath annuisce.
“Sai Katherine, il funerale è stato… è stato orribile. Non c’era nessuno, nessuno… Only his parents, close relatives and a few friends of the family ... There was no one else. Yet he had many friends ... "
Kath approached me and put his arm behind his back.
"I wanted to come but I did not."
shake my head as I feel the tears begin to fall on top on his face. "You should not have, no matter ..."
Kath hands me a hand on her back. "I'm sorry, Lucien."
We remain so, embraced in the middle for a while 'till Kath not greet me and goes with his rental car to Detroit, leaving me alone, again.


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