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Like a virgin
Touched for the very first time
Like a virgin
When your heart beats
Next to mine
Gonna give you all my love, boy
Oh no, it's already morning?
You're so fine and you're mine
Make me strong, yeah you make me bold
Oh your love Thawed out
Yeah, your love Thawed out
What Was scared and cold
I rub my eyes and start to stretch out on the sofa bed.
Like a virgin, ooh, ooh
Like a virgin
Feels so good inside
When you hold me, and your heart beats, and you love me
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Ooh, baby
Ugh, this song again ... "Tammy ...", grumbling.
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Ooh, baby
Can not you hear my heart beat
For the very first time?
yawn and throw away the covers. I put my feet on the ground, first the left, then the right - yes, I'm superstitious - put on my slippers, with those on the black doggy style, and I stand up. "Ahio! Shit, again?", Shout curses against the low ceiling of this attic. "'Fuck you!" I mutter while the three steps that separate me from the kitchen. Tammy there must be in the bathroom.
Some boys kiss me, Some boys hug me
I think they're ok
If They Don ' t give me proper credit
I just walk away
yet? Because every morning I have to put up with the "Immaculate Collection" by Madonna?! This is a nightmare, a torture! I can not resist a moment more and I'm going to turn off the CD player. Silence. "Ahh! Now yes," cried raising his arms up in the small empty room. I listen and I can finally hear the roar of the shower in the next room.
*** *** for dinner that night
"I can not believe that after marriage you will go, Nic ...", Mika moans.
"I know," said, "It seems impossible to me!"
"I do not want you to go!"
"Oh, Mika too ... I'm sorry, but how do I?"
"Leave her alone, Mika", Lucien intervenes. "Nicole has his own life to live, so please do not pressure them."
"But Ugh!"
"Ugh what?", Replied Lucien. "It 's just that two married people live together, is not it, Nic?"
In response, I draw a deep, noisy sigh.
"Tell me, Nicole, Tammy where he lives?" Asked Lucien after a few minutes of silence.
"A Eldson, including Marquette Park and State Road 55."
"But ... is not near Cicero Avenue?"
"That is one of the areas with the highest crime rate in Chicago! But are you crazy? "
'Well," I reply, "Tammy is where he lives."
Dubenko shakes his head. "No, no, we did not. You can not live there, it's too dangerous! Or at least you, Nicole, can not go to live there. "
" But, Luc-"
" No, no, Nicole, do not talk. Toglitelo from the head. "
smile. "Hell, we seem to hear my father!"
Lucien blushes instantly and expertly wriggling out of my sight.
"Your father is like that?", Mika asked curious.
"No. .. Well '... it's really just a way of saying, I never knew my father."
"Ah ... I'm sorry," whispers Mika.
Dubenko I see his eyes open wide for a short moment, then turns away from my eyes again.
"It's not that he's dead, eh!", Exclaimed loudly trying to break this awkward silence, "He's just gone, he and my mother never even married!" I conclude with a shrug.
Nicole ...
Nicole ...
Who is it?
's me, Nicole.
But what ...?
are you, I'm Nicole, Nicole ... the real
What! Nah, I'm going crazy ...
"Hey, do not make those faces!" He exclaimed. "Why do not we make a toast? In our coexistence. What do you think? Lucien, we've something to celebrate? "
" I'm going to see ... "he says standing up.
Nicole ...
Oh dear, again. What the hell do you want from me?
I want you to wake up, Nicole! Are you sure what you're doing?
What are you talking?
"Here's the champagne!" Lucien announces returning to the dining room.
"I drink a little ' too? ", Mika asked.
Lucien the glares, I bit my lip and get ready for a good scolding.
"By this time all right," replied Lucien finally starting to quietly pay the champagne in our glasses. Mika remains open mouth, I stared.
tell me what you do with a wife?
You again? Leave me alone!
"So, Nic? Do you want to have the honor to deliver a toast? "Asked Lucien smiling.
"Uh-O ... OK ... it's not very good at these things, but ..."
"Do not worry, Nic. Just what are you drinking! "
" Mika !!!", screams at his son Lucien.
"Come on, pa! Shoot out! "
Lucien shook his head sadly.
"Then, start getting up on his feet," Lucien, I toast to you to thank you for your immediate availability to give me asylum when I was still living in a hostel. Thank you for welcoming me as ... but yes, as a daughter. Mika, thank you for your love and for your sympathy, and for welcoming me as a sister. You are both fantastic people, and there will never be grateful enough for everything you did for me. "I take a deep breath before concluding:" I love you. "
" Oh, Nic! " , Mika says with shining eyes.
"To you, Nicole!" Announces Lucien raised his glass. "To your happiness. To you and Tammy, that new life together will bring you many moments happy! "
Mika and I also bring up our glasses. I almost get emotional.
Why do you want to throw in the wind all this, Nicole?
Throw away what?
This! Lucien and Mika are now your family now. They have what it takes for you: the sweetness of Lucien and affection for Mika!
Tammy And then?
Tammy?! Give me the pleasure, Nicole ... You attacked her because it is the first and only girl you ever show sincere affection!
not true!
Ah, no?
Be ', then what about Brooke, Tracy, Sammy? You were crazy about them and you have never been taken seriously! Tammy is the only one that gave you a bit 'of satisfaction and you just afraid of losing it, why did you say yes. But you really love?
Are you sure?
*** *** the next day
"Please, check vital signs every now and tomorrow morning flaws do a chest x-ray, "said scribbling prescriptions on Catella. "Okay?" I ask the nurse before leaving the patient's room.
"So true!" You're getting married? "
"Oh, my god, Fizz! Since when attacks so people behind? Holy Christ ... "
" No, seriously: you get married, Julian? The rumors are true that I've heard around? "Continues heels down the corridor.
" Voices? "I ask curiously.
" Everyone talks about it, Nicole! You are on everyone's lips! "
" Only in a metaphorical sense, I hope! ", An ironic comment.
" Come on, stop keeping me on pins and needles! It 's true or not? "
I stop and stare in his eyes Gin Fizz for short-sightedness." 25 December 2007. Tamara P. Walsh and Nicole B. Julian will exchange wedding vows in the place Dunning, Chicago, Illinois, USA, World, Universe. Satisfied? ", And conclude by doctors in the room with the intention to enjoy a coffee in peace. I'm going to close the door behind me when I feel some resistance.
" Fizz! Even here I have to follow?!? "
" Where will the ceremony? Mica in the church? "
" A house Dubenko. "
" WHAT !?!?"
"Yes, why? What's wrong? "
" It 's ridiculous! "
I shrug and start to prepare my coffee.
" Julian! ".
"What's more, Fizz?"
"How do you do with the bachelorette party? No, to celibacy. No, hen!? "
me laugh." We decided to do two hen parties separated in two different evenings. There will be only women, however: it will be a unisex group ... "
"Hey, that's cool, I am invited too?"
the hen *** Nicole ***
"Another martini, please."
"Hey, Nic, I think I have not drunk enough?" Lucien asks me a bit 'worried.
I shrugged.
"Listen, I gotta go, will soon begin on the night shift. You are sure you're okay? "
"Hey, Julian!" Gin Fizz hear shouting behind me. "Dances with us?"
I turn and see Fizz sandwiched between two big boy gym and heavily tanned.
"Come on! E 'or not is your party, this? It 's your bachelorette party: let yourself go to the dances with us, come on! "
" Are you sure of not being gay, Fizz? "I say.
"And stop! I just want to have fun tonight, and you should do the same! "Shouts before turning around and back on track with his new friends.
"Nicole ... Then I go," Lucien is down from the stool. "If there are any problems call, okay? I keep the phone turned on, at least until later in the operating room. OK? "
" OK, thanks. "
" Thank you for the evening, "he says smiling before turning around and go away, too.
So, what is this black humor, hmm? Tomorrow you get married, you're not happy?
I throw down another sip of my martini cocktail.
it did not look ... And you wonder why?
I close my eyes and massaging his temples.
No? I'll tell you why: Tammy loves you dearly, but you do not.
I shake my head and mutter to myself: "Do not it is true ... "
It 's true it is! In this report, you only set aside: you've become a softy, Nicole, a doll without a backbone, you're the mat Tammy!
not true!
it to him from ever won. Always listen to the music that trash like you, always go to eat Indian food when you hate spicy brought you to the cinema to see the last two chapters of Harry Potter! Alarm, Nicole: you hate these things!
I just wanted to be kind to her, I wanted to do it happy.
And you? You do not count? How long have not listen to Joni Mitchell, John Denver, Neil Diamond? Have you ever went with Tammy to see a film by Gus Van Sant or Ken Loach?
This has nothing to do with me and Tammy.
But yes! Where's the old Nicole? Where is the girl combative, belligerent, the one with the balls? Where is Nicole who always responds in kind, you do not let up and makes you shit in your hand with a single glance? Where?
throw down My last sip of Martini.
"Sorry ... we know?"
I turn to my left and see a beautiful woman, blonde, between thirty and forty, perhaps in his forties, who smiles at me.
"You are a familiar face ..." he adds.
door long hair in a ponytail and wears a blue shirt. I look better in the face. The soft features of her face, a small mole under her right eye ... No, it is possible that she is.
"Hey, are you all right?"
now recognize his voice, as if I had heard yesterday for the last time. My heart starts beating wildly.
"Ms Ainsworth-S!" Incredulous whisper.
"Call Sydney," he says smiling leaning a hand on his shoulder. "So you see that we know!"
"She ... I mean ... you were my gym teacher."
Yes just you: my first love, my ideal woman. The person I've always fantasized about, my soul mate. Really you.
Syndey opens his eyes and begins to scan better. "Do not tell me ... Oh, but you're the girl that you ever wanted to remove the suit in the locker room!"
I feel my cheeks blush.
"Nicole, right?"
"G-right" embarrassed whisper.
"I can not believe! How long has it been? Ten, fifteen years? "
Sydney smiles. "You've done great, eh?"
You are always beautiful. "Er ... always teaches gymnastics in schools?" I ask trying to maintain a certain demeanor.
"Oh, no, so much that I stopped. I'm now a personal trainer, I deal with girotonica. "
" Giroc? "
Sydney laughs. "It 's a novel technique, was initially created for the training of the dancers, but now is the best alternative to the common gym equipment. The whole body benefits: the girotonica gives elasticity, harmony ... Essentially they are all large and circular movements. You know, you should try it if you've never done. "
nod though honestly I did not understand one iota of what he said. I am lost in her beautiful green eyes water and I'm not out yet.
"But you do you do?"
Sydney, you are fantastic ... Here, in front of me in flesh and blood ... There I believe you are a dream come true!
"What do you do, I mean ..."
"Eh? What ... ah ... I'm a doctor. "
" Really? Congratulations!
"Thank you ... I work here close to Cook County, in Surgery."
I do not want to talk about this, Sydney. Indeed, talk is not exactly what I want to do with you now ...
a half hour later *** ***
"I've had enough of this place ... Do you want to get on with me? I live a stone's throw from here, in the next street. "
" Er ... " Nicole! Do not even think about it: you're getting married tomorrow! "I do not know ..."
"Come on! We can see a movie, or talk a bit '... "
" Behold, I ... " Nicole! What the brain tells you!? Try to calm your instincts, explain to the situation and say no!
"Hmm?" Sydney smiled at me, with her beautiful smile that I've never forgotten and that in all these years I have brought in to my heart. It 's too strong, I can not resist.
"Okay," I whisper, taking her coat from the empty stool behind me. "Let's go."
As we walk toward his house, I'm a bit 'drunk, I seem to live a dream I ever dreamed of when I was in middle school, when every week expected to arrive Thursday, the day of gym class. Miss Ainsworth always wore a blue suit acetate, adhering to the sides, holding the zipper of his jacket half open, revealing a beautiful and shapely breasts. He wore his hair like now, long and tied back in a ponytail that went up and down every time that Ms. Ainsworth jumping, running, the gym was rocking.
"Here you go: this is my apartment. Do not mind the mess! "
I look around and everything is perfect: clean and fragrant, nothing is out of place.
"Would you like if I put a little 'music? How about Joni Mitchell? "
" I can not believe: to you like Joni Mitchell? "
" Of course! It 's my favorite singer. "
This is a sign! E 'fate, no doubt about it!
We sit on the couch while in the air spread notes Song to a Seagull .
divide a bottle of Italian red wine: warm, soft, rich.
We exchange our stories, our memories.
notri The bodies approach each other.
join My lips to his.
I started and I detach myself from Sydney.
"What?" He asks.
Tammy is waiting for you at home and you? I do not want to live in that rat hole.
Tammy waiting for you under the covers in your bed! not want to sleep on a sofa bed, myself.
Tammy loves you and for Christmas you get married: Nicole, please, get out of there! Go home!
"Everything okay? Nic? "
" Yes, all right, Syd, "I reply, stroking his face.
"Well, how about to move into my room?"
nod, and without word, I stand up. Sydney follow in his room, until we are standing at the bottom of the bed, facing each other, Syd slightly taller than me.

stand for a few seconds and then start to kissing. Syd is good at kissing, so good that I can not tell if I have never liked to kiss before. I feel a rush of blood, heat and cold, fear and desire.

Nicole, stop! Think Tammy! Are you that you've looked for you back I had none.

Nicole, please, you can not blow it now! I can not let this opportunity slip away.

NOTE: Once again I have looted a bit '"This book will save the life of AMHomes. Let's say that I 'stole' the instructor girotonica and the final scene.


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