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BtoB 2010 kicks off the third edition of the Fair Business

On 20 and 21 November in power at the Congress Center Park Hotel will host the third edition of BtoB, the show dedicated to the business to business. Workshops, team building and one-to-one: two days dedicated to practical solutions and strategies for the development businesses.

"The entrepreneurial challenge of the future will be played with the comparison, in clear and balanced relationship between business to business, workers, government, society and environment," said Michael Franzese BtoB president who last year , welcomed visitors 5000, 100 speakers from all over Italy and involved 50 national and international partners. "The Show - concludes Franzese - wants to be an opportunity to demonstrate that the construction of relations and tackle the key to winning the market. "

Manifesto_BtoBe 2010 Sfide

challenge is to imagine that business and academia, business and corporate, government and entrepreneurs, young people and decision makers to communicate in a clear and constant: the third edition of the Salone BtoB try ; to make this possible in the space of a weekend - Saturday 20 and Sunday, November 21, 2010 - where guests of local and national experts will explore the themes of education, innovation, business management, through through communication and the web, and finally the environment and internationalization, all strongly linked to the culture of doing business

Park Hotel Congress Center Power host the event with an exhibition area which was joined about 40 exhibitors , and a rich program of meetings debates, workshops, panel discussions, interviews that promises to look to the future not only of Basilicata Italy but throughout the South. The inaugural conference dedicated to business challenges is just the start of a busy two days in which the prime formula will be that of matching and the match.

the afternoon of Saturday, November 20 training will be discussed during the debate that will give voice to universities in the South: the Rectors of the University of Southern Italy are the main questions about the relationship with companies, identifying common pathways shared principles and useful to bring out innovation from the laboratory and to indicate a path to the Applied Research .

the afternoon of the first day will continue with a debate on the future of doing business: Alessandro Maggioni - consultant at Simon Kucher & Partners, a worldwide leader in Marketing and Sales - Antonio Mazzeo - President of the Integrated Wireless Network, which develops wireless technologies for the biomedical sector - Paul Cattapan - Project Manager Innovation & ndash Basilicata ; Sunday Bellusci - Menstecnica director of the company's research and development in electronics and nanotechnology - and other guests will try to draw a portrait of the entrepreneur of the future.

In the evening, the comparison will move on the issues economy: "Antagonists?" is the title of this meeting be attended, among others, the General Secretary of UIL Basilicata, Carmine Vaccaro, and Michael Taranto, Director of the Provincial Power - Internal Revenue Service.

Sunday, November 21 sharing with a meeting in BtoB has promoted, that between the associations representing young professionals and businesses Basilicata, two realities that often do not meet or can not speak the same language will be discussed and amended points of the previous pact drawn up by the associations to be close to engage entrepreneurs in an ethical and professional.

In 2010, BtoB will also discuss digital communication : among the guests Marco Calzolari Camisani , Professor of Corporate Communication and digital language "at the University IULM and Francis Deramo , delegate Ferpi Puglia and Basilicata and lecturer in Business Communication at the University of Bari, which illustrate the opportunities of the New Web with Roberto Portanova , Area Director of PR.

The last scheduled workshop will be dedicated to the Italian distribution system that in the last twenty years, following the birth of large shopping centers, changed its face: traders, investors and consumers will compare the price of size.

Shows, team building activities, awards and prizes, cash and free consulting convivial completes the exhibition organized by SCAI Communication Power . BtoB's challenge Exhibition 2010 is to contribute to the development and creation of knowledge intensive firms who know how to network.

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