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AIM Energy Sector: New Rates from October in Sale of gas and electricity in Treviso

From October AIM Energy is launching a new offer gas + electricity in Treviso. For families there will be discounts of Treviso from 10 to 15%.

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AIM Energy announces the return of an interesting offer: it is the monoraria price of electricity , useful to all customers who do not want the hassle of time slots to regulate their consumption.
From 1 July it entered into force two-tier prices, that is differentiated according to different times of day and days of the week when you use electricity, as determined by ' Authority for Electricity Gas and . But the supply-price two-hourly should monorario when energy consumption exceeds 67% in the evening, on weekends and days of national holidays.
Therefore, for those who can not concentrate consumption in the hours at a lower cost, AIM Energy proposes rate monoraria very convenient and valid for all times of day.

AIM Energy is launching a new offer gas + electricity Treviso discount 10-15% from October

are available via the door Novara Lancers 6 the Toll 800 226 226 and website

Choose YOUR Home Energy designed to offer AIM Energy for your family and you :

• discount from 10 to 15% on the price of electricity
• gas prices discounted or blocked for 24 months
& bull ; single bill gas - electricity
• No activation fee • No service interruption

• FREE 2 bulbs low

aim energy treviso energia TUA casa

To meet the expectations of its users, AIM Energy, signing a contract in the free market, proposes not only the opportunity to take advantage of the tariff monoraria for 24 months, but also apply a discount of up to 10% on the prices of electricity component.

view, therefore, offer a personal choice, that's how they are different proposals for the commercial customer household:

SempreLuce is the offer for the supply of electricity at the same price throughout the day with a discount of 10% and gas prices or discounted blocked for 24 months.

OraLuce however is the offer two-hourly electricity price, which saves the evening and on weekends at a discount of 15% and gas prices or discounted blocked for 24 months.

EnergyVerde continuous promotion, for the supply of electricity from certified renewable sources at no extra cost.

SoloGas lets you choose between the price fixed, blocked for 24 months, or a discount on the price of gas determined quarterly by the Authority.
All offers gas and electricity are combined with each other and allow the customer to have the convenience of receiving one bill for both services.

AIM Energy is also believed to companies with business Your Energy personalized offers both electricity and on gas.

And to make it clear the offer on the site is always on the tool "Your offer ideal" , a simulator that allows the comparison of prices established by , and discounted prices offered by Your Energy.

AIM Energy
your choice for energy!

(Source: Energy News AIM)

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