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a life of M """""!

"Come on! She also is Indiana, "cried addressing the patient. "Where?"
"Ah, Muncie! I'm from Francesville. "
" Francesville? "
" More or less halfway between Lafayette and here. "
" Ah! So not much has moved away, Dr. ... "
" Not really ... But you know how it is: this is the only hospital where I was accepted! "joke a laugh. "So, Mr. Teadre", then I take seriously, "I must go. You calm down, please, because there are surgeries that are waiting. Dr. Barnett, here, now take a few days and she will be back home. Goodbye! "
" Goodbye, Doctor, and thank you! "
greet the patient and I leave the exam room. Malik I see the other side of the counter, I make him a wink and walked happily down the corridor. Meet the gentleman from Indiana has put me in a good mood! I almost almost homesick ... Who gave it to me made to become a doctor?! Illness, death ... I did not do better to stay in the country to milk cows?
At this thought I smile to myself, while I continue to trot toward the elevators. At one point, however, I have the feeling of being closely followed by someone. Without stopping, bend your head slightly to one side: nah, maybe I'm wrong, no one who follows me. Around the corner and the entrance hall which leads me to the elevators again, however, feel that feeling. This time I can hear it clearly: there are steps behind me, which is similar to mine. I stop immediately and turn on myself in front of me, a PIVELLINA shirts short, a trainee. "What are you following me?" Ask hard-nosed.
"L-she is the Doctor: Dr. Julian?" He stammered.
"Yes, I am. What do you want? "
The guy hands me, with a trembling hand, a folded note.
"What's that?"
"E 'p-for her."
"Who gave it to you?" I ask ripping the paper out of hand.
him, pale as a sheet, shaking his head slightly, then turns and runs away. I scratch my head, but what the hell is happening right? I look at the note, I'll turn around and around in his hands. What do I do? Won by curiosity, I open it, I approached him in the eyes and try to decipher handwriting small and narrow, 'Go in room sutures. Now. Do not talk to anyone or you'll regret '. Swallow, and move as little as possible, I look around. Who is this message? What's in the suture room, a criminal maniac? And it came to call me? The beat of my heart begins to accelerate. I try to stay calm and re-read the ticket, to make sure you understand: 'Go in room sutures. Now. Do not talk to anyone or you'll be sorry. 'A shiver of terror down my spine I salt. I do not have to ask for help, I have to pretend nothing ... It ' a maniac, a madman escaped from the psychiatric ward? I take a deep breath and begins to move slowly in the direction of the suture room. I keep looking straight ahead, straight ahead of me, trying not to attract attention. Around me, doctors, nurses and patients move and act as if nothing had happened, but I feel like in a horror movie: just not a movie! In front of the front door of the emergency room I see the security guard: I start to walk without stopping to fix it, hoping that he turned to me in my eyes and read a help message. Look at me, please, look at me! Nothing to be done by a patient is distracted and turns the other way. Damn! Around the last corner now I have no way out, the suture room is there, deep in corridodio. The beating of my heart speed up, my blood was very strong pulses in my ears. If he is armed I'm hopeless, but if he had a small knife, or maybe just a knife ... And if he had stolen a knife?!
Here I am, face to face with danger. If something serious were to happen I would call my mother? And you would? Who knows ... I take a deep breath and make myself courage: Nicole Julian, you've faced much worse times: you can do it again this time. I can do it, I can do it, there ... While I can recite this mantra to myself, put his hand on the knob the door and ... one, two, THREE! I opened the door and entered the room, bathed in gloom: I do not see anyone. I make another step forward with the hand holding the door behind me, ready to flee. Suddenly I feel something or someone behind me, I feel that they are pushing the door shut. I try to resist, but the door slides down my hand and the door closes. I stop for a moment to breathe: we. It will have a gun? A knife? I dare not turn around. Squeezes his fists, ready to fight. My heart pumps a thousand: if the will to see with my blind rage. Oh, here it is! I'm touching her hair. At that point I decided: I turn around and lie down! A millisecond later, with a quick gesture the person behind me wrap a ribbon around the eyes. Oh shit, I do not see anything! I feel his breath behind me. I feel it coming, I feel his warm breath on her neck: cock, dick, this is a maniac!
"LET ME, BASTARDOOO !!!", cry myself turning up in the air and flailing his arms to defend myself. "I kill you,"
"Do not talk."
and I freeze the rest for a moment uncertain: it is a female voice, and I think also known ... Istivamente his hands to his head to remove the bandage from her eyes.
"Who are you? "I ask.
Silence. I feel the thin fingers that I rearranged the tape over his eyes.
"Do not speak I said."
I can not believe: it is she! In an instant release all the tension of the previous minute and a half of terror and begin to breathe normally. I feel his hands resting on my shoulders.
"Jane, what-"
"Take off your coat."
"Eh?" I do not believe my ears.
Jane begins to take off my coat, pulling from his shoulders. I hear the faint sound of fabric that falls to the floor. Swallow. Now I feel her breath on his face and his lean lips on mine. I stand as she touches my face with her fingers and caresses my neck with his lips. Start to feel good and respond to his kiss. Then raise your arms and pat his back, the shoulder blades down to the pelvis. Jane is still close, and in a moment our bodies pressed against each other.
*** A week later, in a room with the curtains drawn Radiology ***
"Yeah ... so ..."
"Hmm ..."
" A bit 'further down. "
"Do not move."
"Further down."
"Hmm ..."
"Stay strong case."
"You are exceptional, Jane ..."
"Hmm ... yes, continue ..."
"You do not move."
... ... bzzzBBZZZbzzzBBZZZ
"Oh, no!"
"It 's my pager, fuck. "
" Stop! Not answer. "
... ... bzzzBBZZZbzzzBBZZZ
" But I have to see who-"
" Do not answer, I said. Let it ring. "
" Jane ... "
... ... bzzzBBZZZbzzzBBZZZ
" We could use it, you know. "
" What? "
" The pagers. "
" What!? "
"... Let's Hear 'vibrates."
"If I put ..."
"Do not you dare!" exclaimed away from her. "Are you crazy?! You as a pager ... .. You're sick! "
Jane mentions a half-smile, I can even see some teeth.
"But then you also know smile, girl ..." comment rearrange the clothes. "But now I must go," said pulling on his white coat.
Jane regains her expression indecipherable and stretches his arms towards me. It takes me to the collar of his coat and pulls me to him. "You're not going anywhere."
"Jane, please ..."
... ... bzzzBBZZZbzzzBBZZZ
"Hear that? He started to vibrate. "
I look up to heaven. There is no way to say no. I grab the pager, leaving the band and get closer to the body of Jane. Let's see if now is happy ...
Ten minutes later I'm running around the corridors in search of Surgery Dubenko, the call was his. At last I see, beyond the preoperative room door. Turned back, you are removing the sterile gown. I take a deep breath, I push against the door and entered.
"I'm looking for, Lucien?" I ask.
Without turning, remove the finish coat and takes off his cap.
I see that the halyard back and remained motionless for a few seconds. Then with under the bonnet crumples and throws it into the trash. Immediately after he turns to me. "I called twenty minutes ago." That said, I passed by without deigning to look in and out in the hallway.
shake my head and cursing I go back. It is not easy, though: Lucien capers around quickly towards acceptance.
"Lucien!" I try to call him, but he goes straight on his way, stopping only at the bar, where there are nurse Shirley, and Dr. Corday. Schreiber. Dubenko takes a folder from Shirley, signature, returns the folder and finally turns to me raising the chin as if waiting for a word from me.
"Excuse me, Lucien, was locked in Radiology ..." - I do not think of a better excuse.
"For twenty minutes? It is not the first time, "replied coldly. I feel everyone's eyes - Shirley, Schreiber and Corday - staring at me. "When I call you," said Lucien after a few seconds of silence, "you must come at once. You vo-la-king. "
swallow and I try to stay calm. "Lucien, I'm wrong, I'm sorry."
"You must not regret, Nicole. You must be punctual. Shirley, "then turns to the nurse, 'Please,' to which Fitzgerald is preparing for thyroidectomy. I want it to assist him. "
not believe my ears: I had to be in that operation! "Lucien," I am intruding, "we decided that for thyroidectomy-"
"You go, Nicole, I did not need you anymore," he interrupted. Lucien I've never seen him so angry, I am almost afraid.
I collect all my courage. "Doctor Lu ... Dubenko, I ..."
"I said go!" Replica raising the tone of voice as rarely do I hear.
I look down and stare at the floor. I still feel all eyes on me. In all but one of Lucien: he turned again, will not even look me in the face. E 'tired of me, I disappointed. Tears of anger began to velarmi eyes. I put my hands in my pocket, and hold their fists and I'm leaving. Where, I do not know.
*** *** the next day
arrival at the hospital an hour before my turn. I am angry, angry with myself black. Lucien I angered, disappointed ... I fucking twenty minutes late: this time I really exaggerated ... Mulling head down I'm going to put my stuff in the lockers, put myself wearing the white coat and stethoscope around his neck. Esco in corridodio and I received: I review very carefully all patients who are on the ward, pre-and post-operatively, and all the interventions planned for today. There is also mine: 14.00 - Patient: Mr. Murphy - Intervention: Resection of the duodenum. - Room: B - Execute: Dr Dubenko. Assists: Dr Julian. Well, today I will have the opportunity to make my last!
I walked out to eat a mouthful, but do it in a hurry, the two have action! Check on the fourth floor and I run into Schreiber.
"Hello Phil, how to throw?"
"Well, well ... I'm sorry Julian, but I'm in a hurry: I expect a duodenal resection"
The block holding the sleeve of his coat. "Wait, too? But ... I like Murphy a duodenal resection with two ... "
" Er ... n-no, Murphy Murphy ... I have it. "
" You're wrong, Phil! Come and see ... "exclaimed safe dragging before the board hanging in the acceptance. "See: Hours: 14.00 - Patient: Mr. Murphy - Speech ..." I do not believe my eyes: my name has been removed and replaced by Schreiber.
"I'm sorry," he says with a shrug and say goodbye before you start briskly toward the operating room.
Serro strong jaw and clench his right fist. Enough: I've had enough! As a fury, I decided to walk to the office of Dubenko gallop. I see him out of his room. I go toward him.
"Lucien, what does this mean?"
He stops, adjusting the watch, and looks at me indifferent.
"Murphy duodenal resection: I had to assist me!" He exclaimed.
"He will Schreiber," he says impassively starting to walk.
"Wait! Why? Schreiber and why not me? "
Lucien does not stop. "I do not have time to discuss it now," he says moving his head slightly backward.
"Lucien!" He exclaimed.
At that point he stops and turns slowly: "There is an endless list of consultations to be completed in the ER, Nicole: There's that."
"See?", Exclaimed, spreading his arms. "A one hundred and nine years old who complains of back pain! Call a specialist! "
Lucien ignores me completely. "Excuse me, but I must go," concludes before turning again and leave.
"Why are you doing?", Called after him. "Why?" I follow him with his eyes and disappears around the corner. "You know what?!" Continued to scream in the middle of the corridor. "Fuck you! Do you understand?! VAF-FAN-CU-LO! "That's when a nurse appeared at my left, a small and petite, looking at me frightened. "Yes! Fuck! Fuck you too !!!", the cry in the face before delivering a violent kick to the rubbish bin and furious go to the bathroom for women.
*** two hours later, at the Ready *** Relief
I put my hands over my eyes and shake my head. "Why did you bring me down like a stupid thing?", Shouted at a fellow of the first year, a greenhorn. "No, that should not be operated! We wanted so much to make him an ultrasound? "
" What happened? "Asks Kovac by coming close.
"Ah, leave it alone," he exclaimed. "In fact, a question: where you go and get your fellows, the flea market on Sunday?"
"If there is any problem, speak," he insists backing hands on hips.
shake the brim. "No problem, boss, no problem," I reply discouraged, before setting his head down toward the stairs.
Just around the corner, though, I am in front of Jane. "Hey!"
"It 's not seen you since yesterday."
"I know."
"The room is free of Radiology."
shake my head. "No, Jane, is not the case."
"No? We make room in stitches? "
" Jane, please ... "
" Come on, "insists grasping the shirts. "Five minutes."
shake my head.
"Five-minute number! Come on, start the countdown of the first sixty, fifty-nine, fifty Fifty-seven ... "while it continues in each issue, makes me step back to the bottom of corridodio. "... Fifty-fifty. Forty-nine ... "
" I said no, "cried.
Jane pauses for a moment, then continues its countdown, ignoring my protests. "Forty-eight, quarantas-"
"Enough, I said!" He exclaimed again, this time shaking off. "I work, so I can not waste time, do you understand? "
I see a dark shadow pass over the eyes of Jane. "Losing time ..." he repeats. I
a grimace of disappointment. "No, Jane, I did not want-"
"No, I understand."
"Jane, I'm sorry, I really did not mean ..."
"No matter, I understand," repeated by a few steps backward.
"Jane ..." moan extending an arm toward her. But Jane turns and walks away, leaving me alone in the hall.
some *** days later, in the living room Surgery ***
"Hey, Nicole! Are you still here? "Asked Lucien overlooking the port.
I rub my eyes and looked at my watch: quarter to ten. "Yes," I reply, "I want to finish in order to put these folders ..."
Lucien frowns and takes a step inside the dark room. The only light is what lights my paperwork on the table in the living room. "I must finish this work hours? Why not go out, it's too late. "
" No, now I'm busy. "
" Listen, Nic " Lucien is leaning toward me, "I know I gave you a nice groomed the other day, but I just wanted to let you know that you have to be attentive and focused, you do not want to force to stay in the hospital around the clock! Two weeks at home you do not see! "
sigh nervously. "I know, I know ... In short, I want to end up the same, okay? "says get back to leafing.
"OK, but let me tell you something: you view the mirror lately? Are you a rag! Do me a favor: take some 'time, get out, you need to distract you! Why not ... why not go out with that ... with Jane? "
I raise my head and looked into his eyes: "Jane and I are not together anymore."
"Oh, sorry ... Nic, I ... I did not know ... excuse. "
" There is no reason to apologize, "I say. Without another word, I take pen in hand and began to scribble notes on my block checked.
'Well, then ... if you decide so, good night, "Lucien says quietly, before starting towards the door. "But do not be too late, okay?"
nod slightly with a nod of the head.
After less than a minute, I feel a slight knock knock on the door jamb the door. There Lucien again on the threshold. "You know what, Nic", began raising his eyes to the ceiling, "I just want to drink a beer tonight, but ... I do not like to drink alone! You would find inconvenient to go out for a quick drink with your boss? "Asks, smiling.
I can not help but smile too. "No. Not at all. Just give me a minute. "
Lucien nods:" I'll wait outside. "
Ike Ryan's *** ***
" I'm sorry for Jane, you know, "said Lucien sipping his second beer. "It seemed like a good girl."
"Yes, well ..." I replied turning around in my hands my first bottle still half full. "Good, yes, but a little 'strange."
"Strange? How come? "
I remember the story of the bandage, pager ... and also to all the others! "Er ... well, you know ... that way there ... it tastes a bit 'eccentric ..."
Lucien nods and puts down another drink. I do not think he understood.
"It is not easy for us surgeons, it is not easy ..." he mutters to himself. In my humble opinion is already half drunk ... But you may not be able to withstand a couple of beers? "We surgeons," he adds, "we are not able to have a normal social life, right? Why?
I shrugged. "I do not know, but you're right: since I started medical school I had a decent relationship! But even, say, with Tammy: I really liked her, I loved her ... but when I was here in the hospital, to work, I did not think, do not ... I did not need you! "
Lucien nods, and with a long pull, finished his second bottle.
"I'll tell you, Lucien, I would not exaggerate," continues, "but Tammy was almost ... almost a hobby, here!"
Lucien looked at me weird, then clears his throat: "Jane seems to me remarkable as a hobby," he exclaims. I glared at him, he apologizes and starts to giggle like an idiot. Yes, I own right: it is drunk.
"Yes, a great hobby ..." I reply finally resting my still half-full bottle in the middle of the table. Lucien stretches and states: "Can I?"
nod and push the bottle with the tip of the fingers towards him take it, throws down a long sip, and when you leaned back on the table is nearly empty.
"I remember the last phone call that Katherine had me in hospital," suddenly begins to tell, "I was in the preoperative room, I was preparing for an important intervention that the Chief had asked me to assist ... ; at that time I was finishing the specialization in traumatology, I missed a little, I had it almost done ... it was a rare and delicate operation, not every day you have to hand such a case: segmental fracture of the clavicle associated fracture of the coracoid ... there was a heated debate in the emergency room if the patient were to be brought or not ... then in the end it was decided to intervene by stabilizing the distal clavicle with a cerclage and nails by two millimeters, and blocking the fracture with a plate of 3 mm and a half ... "
Shit, you remember everything, even the millimeters of nails and plates! Dubenko is a monster!
"And that day, just as I was getting ready, she called me. It was not the first time, you know, there had been many others ... that year, the year that Mika was born, she often called me, asking me if I came back, what was missing when I came out ... he told me that he needed me, that Mika needed me ... and every time I say no, I could not leave to intervene in a half, I had to respond to an emergency in the emergency room ... "
I let it vent, and I think what is strange to hear him talk about himself in this way. Do not hear much of his past, remains vague and avoids the details, but now ...
"And he called me that evening that night ... why? Why? "
For a moment he stops and looks at me, looking for an answer that I do not know him.
"You can not understand, Nic ... you can not understand what you are trying to hear your wife on the phone begging for go home because she needs you, and to say no, I can not, is not the time ... feel your child eighteen months of crying in the background and having to hang up the phone ... "
do not know what to say to me I feel like shit, my stupid problems with Jane is nothing compared to what they had to pass him ...
"That was the last phone call I made," said looking me straight in the eye. "The next day I had the divorce papers in hand."
Lucien Then, perhaps remembering that it was not my bottle, the beer finishes with a final gulp. Support your back on the back of the chair and I think it is was so painful for him, but I wonder if, back, not the same choices ... rifarebbe
I look up when I hear a sob coming from the part of Lucien.
"I think I drank too much ..." he says, covering her mouth with his hand.
"One, two, three ..." - account of the bottles which are now all on his side of the table. "Three, Lucien, three, not one hundred! You're not a heavy drinker, you know? "
" I know, "replied Lucien between a sob and another. "You want to drive you?" Then asks lengthening the car keys to me.
"More willingly, "cried. "I love guide your transatlantic"


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