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Can An Infection Raise Your Blood Pressure

with goodness that you want ... I

After dinner, while Mika and Nicole if they are blissfully on the couch to see what I do not know in TV, I retreat to my study: what a mess! I absolutely have to do some 'order. I throw away all the papers that engorge my desk, leaving only the essentials: laptop, the latest issue of New England Journal of Medicine and Trauma , the microscope and my agenda. All the rest away.
Esco holding the basket overflowing with paper and up into the living room: "Mika, Nicole: Please, remember to take out the waste before going to bed. It put everything into the trash bin of paper, please! "
" Okay, "Nicole answered.
"Mika, I'm talking to you too!"
"I see, pa!" he says holding up his hand.
sigh and I'm going to read the study.
1.1 The proper therapeutic approach. In cases where the differential diagnosis of pseudocyst and neoplasm lesion is uncertain can be used to assay the cystic fluid of some tumor markers such as CEA, and the CA.125 CA.19-9. The cyst-digestive anastomosis, performed with suture sutures, is ...
"DAD, WHAT IS THIS?", Mika I hear screaming from the room next door. "PAPÀAA!"
But you have not yet learned that the cry from one room to another? I shake my head and I continue to read.
... is the preferred treatment of pancreatic pseudocysts, although the sting evacuative intraoperative and transcutaneous or endoscopic drainage can be used, although burdened with a greater risk of relapse.
'PAPA'! What are these?! "
lift up my eyes and puffy from the magazine: it is so difficult to take a walk and come talk to me here?! I get up, dazed and confused and join him in the hall. "Mika, do you have to scream?", I met him.
"These, Pa: What are they?" She asks, taking my trash can with one hand while the other waving a pair of colored paper.
"Let me see ..."
"They are true? Two free tickets to Cedar Point!? "
I take them in hand and give him a look. "Ah, yes, these are ... boh, there was a lottery on the ward, and it seems that I've won ... but I do not know that stuff is ...", I conclude by returning the tickets to Mika.
"So is this: are really two free tickets to a weekend at Cedar Point!"
"Whoever has two free tickets to Cedar Point ?!?", exclaims Nicole coming to my shoulders.
"Dad: won these tickets in a lottery!"
"No! Lucien them you won tickets to Cedar Point!? Why did not you say anything? !? "
I shake shoulders. "And that ... I know ... And then ... that stuff is Cedar Point? "
Mika and Nicole look at each other with air in amazement. "It 's largest amusement park in the world, pa! But where do you live? "
" And you're throwing them away? ", Nicole presses.
"Dad, can I go there with Joey? Can I? "
" No, I want to go with Jane! "
" But you did not let? "
"Yes, but we're back together."
'Well, I do not care, dear Nic tickets I have found them, and then I'll go along with Joey! And then Joey and I we never left! "
" What's that all about?! Look, if I told you I'm not going to throw out the garbage, these tickets you would never have found them! "
" What the hell reasoning, Nic! I found them and I can do what I want! Right, Dad? "
" Mika, you are really selfish! I am a woman, and women have priority! "
" And I'm a guy and I have more right than you to go to a playground! You are old, how old are you, thirty? "
" I have twenty-seven, and parks are good for all ages! There are even older! "
" Liar! "
" I tell you it's true! Give me those tickets! "
" NO! These are mine! "
"Enough!", Exclaimed in exasperation. Mika and Nicole fell silent instantly. "Tickets for the park, I won them, so ... I decide." Stopped bickering, the two stare at me in silence, awaiting the final. "I decided that we go to Cedar Point together."
"No, I want to bring Joey!"
"And I'm Jane! "
" Let it end! Mika, how can you think I give permission to two teenagers like you to spend a weekend alone out of town, even out of state? Nicole, who is an adult, will accompany you. You guys know how to have fun together, no? Now you are almost brother and sister, and I ask you to behave as such. We agree? "
Mika and Nicole expressing their disappointment with a grimace.
"No? Let's see if it sounds better there: I offer both, of my own pocket, an extra day at the park, so you can stretch the weekend from Friday to Sunday. What do you think? "
" pa ... But, I I have school on Friday ... "
" I know you take a day off! I saw your results, Mika votes are much better than the last time. This means that you worked hard, and then a day off will be entitled to! What do you say? "
I see Mika's mouth open wide, then jumps on me, embracing me. "Thanks Dad! You're the best, you're fantastic! I love you! "
return his hug, happy to feel so excited.
"And me? I can take two days off? "asks Nicole.
"Of course, Nic. You just choose which weekend to go, and I fix it shifts on the ward. OK? "
" SIII! Lucien're the best! The Head best that can exist on Earth! "Nicole exclaimed, raising his arms to heaven.
I get home at eight o'clock in the morning after a night shift at the hospital is not particularly agitated. Go to the kitchen and pour myself a glass of cool water, then ascending to first floor and let myself fall to the dead weight on the bed. I stretch my arm, I grab the phone and check if there is a new message or Mika Nicole: No, nothing. I wonder if sleep yet ... I guess that will be exhausted after their first day at Cedar Point! I support the phone on the table and idly, without getting out of bed, I begin to undress: I pulled the shirt over her head, I take off my pants and socks, cause everyone on the other side of the mattress and I can finally put under the sheets.
I wake up around three and a quarter. I a big yawn and start stretching. Jot down your legs out of bed and put my feet in slippers, a good shower is what you need! After being under water for a quarter of an hour, I left the bathroom with a towel around the basin and wet hair.
I get off the ground floor for a bite to eat, when I was a bizarre idea: Sure, now that I'm alone, do not need the towel ... I smile to myself, thinking back to when I was living alone in my apartment on West Chicago Avenue: it seems that centuries have passed, but ... He lowered his head and placed his hands on the sides: why not? Hold the edges dell'asciugamano, undo the knots and put it back in his chair. Here I am, just like mom made me! I make two steps around the kitchen table: what a strange feeling to walk naked through the house ... are no longer used, I feel almost embarrassed! Yet the curtains on the windows are closed: those who do bother you? I go to the kitchen and boil a bit 'of water for tea. Only thing missing is the paper! I approached the door and slowly opened it a crack: Down and me, curled up around the old wood, reached out to grab the Chicago Tribune without exposing to the world of my nakedness. I've done it! Closes the door and go back to the kitchen. The water bubbles turn out gas, into the hot liquid into the cup and I put the bag of Earl Grey. I sit down, cross my legs and I start reading the first page of the Tribune with a smile of satisfaction on his face.
After breakfast - or should I call it a snack - I get up and start walking round the house naked and without a goal. I am alone, I have all the time I want, no one bothers me ... but what do I do? Start walking slowly to and fro, turning his back, bending his neck, doing a bit 'stretching. Then later in the living room and I see the couch, empty, in the middle of the room. I stare for a few seconds with a strange idea in my head. I take off my slippers and I get over there. Join the toes, squeeze your legs start to bounce on the cushion, up and down, up and down. I close my eyes and inhaling deeply, spreading his arms to shoulder height. Rest in this position to cross for a bit ', again with closed eyes, rhythmically bending the knees and ankles. When I open my eyes I see reflected on the window: that's funny, I look like a diver on the diving board preparing to take the leap into the water ... well, 'in this case a diver nude! I laugh to myself: more than a midlife crisis, this is senile dementia!
clik ... ... ... clak
Hmm? What is that little noise? Bah, will be the wind ...
... tap tap ...
But ... what?
"OH MY GOD!" - A cry behind me.
I spun around and see Magda, the housekeeper, who covers her face with her hands.
I open my mouth but I'm too shocked to say anything. I put my hands on my lower parts, and I'm sitting down, sinking into the sofa as I can to hide from his view.
close my eyes and grabbed a pillow, posandomelo above the groin.
"Excuse me, Mr. Dubenko, excuse me! Jedynie twej dla miłości! Ach, żałuje złości za me! Excuse me, now I'm going, I'll go away ... "
I take courage and holed up among the pillows, I open my eyes. "No, Magda, wait: do not go!"
"Lord, but I did not know who she was-"
"Magda, I'm sorry, my fault: I knew that boys were not there and I told her to come Saturday morning, then I changed my shift at the hospital and I forgot to warn you! Please forgive me! "
" You want me to come back another day? "
"No, Magda, she goes to my studio, please wait for me there and I come in a minute, that is ... me before ... I am presentable and then I come to call it. Just give me a minute ... "
Magda takes her bag fall to the ground and, still upset, he goes to my studio.
*** *** Saturday night
After the cyclone Magda, I'm back on the couch. But this time wearing polo shirts and shorts and I'm sitting correctly. I scan the page for shows in the Chicago Tribune looking for an interesting movie: Let's see ... The Incredible Hulk , Emporium, Speed Racer ... um ... Darnk Knight, Mamma Mia ... uff ... Ah , here: Review of Italian cinema: Luchino Visconti. Hmm .. interesting! 21.00: Sense (1954): it's perfect! The damage to the Kerasotes City North in North Western Avenue. I finally found what to do tonight: Italian neo-realism!
I leave the car in the parking lot and I start the green entrance to the multiplex. I see a lot of people, but it's Saturday, it is natural. Later in front of me find an impressive array of people channeled into eight rows, leading to many cases. Oh my god ... I take a deep breath and I get in the queue. After a good fifteen minutes, finally get my turn.
"Good evening and welcome to Kerasotes. Room? "
" Good evening ", answer the young employee and pulled out his wallet from his pocket," I would like a ticket to the exhibition on Italian cinema. Luchino Visconti's Senso. "
"Tonight the show was suspended, sir."
"What, sorry?"
"Tonight the show was suspended, there are only films on the bill. What room wants a ticket? "
" Ah ... ah ... "- I look up to the screens placed behind the cashiers.
The Incredible Hulk , Emporium, Mom My , Speed Racer, Dark Knight ... I do not know anyone ...
"Lord wants to buy a ticket or not?"
What do I do? Unless I see a movie here, where am I going? I have no desire at all to go home. "OK, please give me a ticket to ... .." - Risech not decide. "Advice?"
The cashier rolls her eyes. "Take this. Perhaps the will, "said a low voice before you print the ticket and place it on the counter. "There are nine and fifty. "
pull out a ten and wait for the rest. Then I take my ticket, I thank the young and go to the hall, making zig-zag through the crowd. Sex And The City? But what's that? A porno?
I stop to take a glass of coca and go into room: almost all the seats are already occupied. No, it can be a porn movie ... I am looking for my place, H19, and sit down. Bring the glass to his mouth and ...
"Oh, excuse me!" - A young woman passing by, bumps into my glass of coca and down the middle on the ground. "Please forgive me! It 'bag that I fell ... "
" Do not worry, "I say rubbing my pants, slightly wet. "It's nothing."
The young woman sits right next to me. "I'm very sorry, but tonight here is a nightmare! But how many people are there? "
" Really ... Just imagine that I came here believing with aiding in a survey of Italian cinema! "
" She, too, for Luchino Visconti! What a coincidence ... "We remain
a moment in silence, then cry out in unison: "The Chicago Tribune " burst out laughing.
"It 's true what they say," comment, "Never believe everything that is written in the papers!"
She nods and indicates my glass half empty, "When we get out of Here I offer him another one. "
" Oh, do not worry. In fact, forget it: not good for drinking too many fizzy drinks ... "
" A healthy? "He asks as the lights go down.
"A species, "I reply softly before they start to run the opening credits of the film.


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