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Biggest Curling Iron Size

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"You were kind enough to accompany his grandparents, PA. I could also go by train, but ... "
" Imagine, Mika. I'm glad, so we're a bit 'set, no, "say keeping our gaze fixed on the road. "And then sometimes it is necessary to travel, this BMW, or think that we treat it as a small car and it hurts!" I turn to
Mika with a smile on his face, but I find myself with staring before it totally ignores my attempt to make the spirit. Attempt miserably failed.
"Dad, I'm sorry," he asks after a minute's silence, "but it is scientifically proven that women eat lots of chocolate when they are menstruating?"
"What -!?" Exclaimed the first you start to cough - the fault of the saliva that I went sideways.
"Yes, Dad! Last night Joey was able to devour an entire box of chocolate bars, a frosted strawberry muffins, drank a chocolate milkshake, and not happy, he ate half of my cheesecake! E 'was horrible! But women with menstruation are all well? "I cleared my throat
retaking control of the steering wheel, I'm almost in shock to hear my son say the word 'menstruation'.

"So? It 's a scientific stuff or ...? "
" Yes, Mika, it is. "I take a deep breath, decided to take an objective and rational attitude of the thing. "You know that during the menstrual cycle ..." - I should not, but as utter 'That' word I feel my cheeks blush - "... in the female decreases the level of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that plays an important role in the central nervous system: it regulates body temperature, sleep, appetite and mood. And when, as during the cycle, the female body is in lack of serotonin, goes to look for in foods like chocolate that stimulate production. All clear? "
" Wow! I never imagined that women were so complicated! "
amused smile. "E ' True, you're right ... in this sense we humans are more fortunate. "
" We are the best, Pa: no menstruation, no children to bake ... "
'Well, we have a prostate! & rdquo ;
"The prostate?! What's that? "
" What's ... The prostate is a gland, a gland de ... well, 'yes, of ... "Before we go look at the corner of Mika , placed across on the seat, staring at me with watchful eyes. "It '... this is a gland, the male genitalia," I say in one breath.
"Aha?" Said Mika trying to hide a mischievous smile. In what the hell I'm putting a quagmire?!
"You know, Mika" and then the first thing that comes to mind, "that prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer in males."
"Oh, no! "
" Yes, but do not worry! Just be cautious and make a special examination, called the PSA test at least once a year over 50 years of age ... With an early diagnosis because the risk is considerably reduced. Just a few months ago we bought equipment on the ward for the fantastic robot-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy: a machine is advanced, although to be honest does not solve some problems that still remain ... "
" Like what? & Rdquo ;
"For example, after surgery there is a ... a 20% chance of ..."
"... to lose ..."
Why can not I keep my mouth shut? 'Well ... I said ... there is a 20% chance of losing erectile function ..., here. "
" No! And how does one? "
" In these cases, often resorts to specific drugs or injections ... to ... ... n-injections into the penis, or ... a p-implant, and ... also ... "No, I can not do: I can not say 'erectile pumps' in front of my son! "Oh, no! Damn it! "
" What is it, Pa? "
" Damn, I missed the exit for Cincinnati ... "
" What now? "
" Now we have to take the next exit and then go back ... What a fool! "
" I said I'll turn on the Navigator! "
" Well then! I thought I'd remembered me, the road ... "
I shake my head in disappointment and return with your mind the last time me and Kath have come together in Cincinnati. It 'been a long time ago ...
arrive in front of the imposing entrance of the building, an elegant building of the '20s, and present ourselves at the door. I'm not coming here for years, yet it seems to have changed nothing: the uniformed personnel, decorated ceilings, magnificent chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.
"The Lady is waiting for you."
thank the usher and head towards the stairs. Mika starts rising fast, jumping up the steps two at a time. I'm behind him, I do one step at a time, in the vain hope of avoiding the inevitable. As soon as I hear Mika
say "Grandma!" I raise my head to the top of the stairs and up the pace.
"Michael, darling! Come here, embrace the facts! "
" Grandma, I miss you so, you know? "
" Although I missed you, my angel ... "We
. Check on the landing panting slightly.
pull out a shy smile. "Greta ... hello. "I can not call it 'Mrs Sullivan'. Then we get to exchange a quick kiss on the cheek.
"Please enter. How was your trip? Everything okay? "
Inside, there Greta leads from the living room. "Sit down too, I bring you something to drink. Mikaël, would you like a nice lemonade? Lucien, for you? "
" A lemonade will be fine for me, thanks, "I reply. I look around, and everything is exactly as I remembered it: elegant, clean and tidy. The old sofa camel-colored cushions with their gold, the glass table carved stone from the ground up, the paintings of Fred and Robert Blum Duvenek the walls.
"Pa, let's go by his grandmother?", Mika asked.
"Sure ... sure, let's go."
Greta is in the kitchen, standing behind the bar, pouring lemonade in our glasses.
"Grandma, Grandpa where is it?", Mika asks the sitting room table.
"E 'release to buy the paper, dear, will be here soon," he says Greta bringing our drinks.
"Thank you, Mika and I respond in unison.
Just then, you hear a noise of keys and the lock on the door that opens.
"Here it is," says Mika. Then jump off the chair and runs to the Corridor shouting, "Grandpa! Grandpa! "
" Mikaël! Come here! "That voice ..." Let me see you, young man! "A shiver runs down my spine: James Blake Sullivan III, the Attorney Sullivan, the lawyer of renown. Despite all these years, his presence I still inspires fear.
"Then, my son says! How was school this year? ", Mika and I hear him ask crossed the threshold of the dining room: with one arm encircling his nephew behind, while the other holds a copy of 'Enquirer . I stand up. He throws me a glance and supports the newspaper on the table.
"Good morning, Mr. Sullivan," I reached out to him, "how are you?"
James shakes my hand firmly. "We're fine, thanks," he says through clenched teeth before closer to his wife and give her a light kiss on the lips. "Well, son," asks Mika send. Mika and I do the same. "This school?"
"Not bad, my grandfather, not bad. I have not had any failure! "
" Well done, my Mikaël "
I start to observe it for good: despite his age and his hair now completely gray, does not seem to show signs of strain. The intense eyes and austere attitude remained the same.
"Greta, what have you prepared a good day for our guest?"
"It 's a surprise, James, a special recipe for our two guests!"
"Two guests?"
"Yes, grandfather," Mika replied, "Who Came to Dinner dad too ;! "
James turns to me and gives me a dirty look.
"If you like ... I can not even stay," replied doing to get up from his chair.
"Oh, no, Lucien, stay, I pray you," Greta stops me. "We are pleased that you eat with us."
"Okay, thank you, "I say ignore the hostile gaze of James.
"Grandma!", Exclaims at one point Mika, "Mom took me into the room? It 'so there I am ... "
" Sure, sweetheart, "he says Greta leaving the stove for a minute. "Come with me, come on."
At that point we are only James Sullivan and me. Sitting at the table, facing each other. Its preservation him an obstinate silence, and I do the same. I leave to spend a couple of minutes, then I decide to break the ice with a question of courtesy: "Your son Bradley how are you? And Susan? "
" You know that if it were not for my nephew I'd already thrown out of this house to kick it? "Says James stretching menacingly towards me. His gaze is literally flaming.
swallow and, almost imperceptibly, nod, keeping his gaze straight ahead. His dark eyes, his gaze fierce and fiery: and such as that of Katherine.
"Here we are," cried Greta back into the room. "It 's time to set the table ... James, please, will you stand up?"
jumped up and offer myself to lend a hand to the table.
*** "Hmm ... this delicious meat! What is this sauce? Lemon, orange ... what else is there? "I ask.
"Lemon, orange, a little 'mustard, ginger and white port. It's called Cumberland sauce, "he says Greta.
"I had never tasted it. It 'good, congratulations. "
" Thanks. "After a few minutes
Mika took the floor. "Grandpa, can I ask you?"
"Sure, son, tell me," James responds by placing the cutlery on the plate.
"I wanted to know when his mother told him that I wanted to make music, you've impeded? That is, you're a lawyer, Bradley's uncle as well ... You did not want to become a lawyer, too? "
" Katherine has always loved music, he always wanted to do since childhood. I did not expect to follow in my footsteps! "
" Then you let her do what she wanted? "
" We the said that we would always be on his side, had made any choice, "said Greta.
I stop for a moment to chew on: I smell a conspiracy by Mika.
"The most important thing for us," James takes over "was that she was happy. What made you happy would make us happy, too, that we have always said. "
" Look, Dad! "Mika turns shooting at me. "See?"
swallow and jot down the bite.
know ... "See! The grandfather has left to my mother! She loved music and they let them do what they wanted! "
" Why, Mikaël? Your father keeps you from doing something? "James spoke glancing intimidating.
I try to stay calm and I wipe my mouth with his napkin. "Mika, please, there is no need to start this debate now, we are at the table ..." I reply looking at him sideways.
"No, no," insists James, "let's talk instead. What is this?! Mikaël? "
Mika does not respond and look at me.
Okay, okay. "Sir," say they set their eyes on my ex father in law, "I'm not avoiding anything. I just worry about my son. What he listens to music is dangerous. "
" What do you mean?! Dangerous? ", Mika responds by starting to fidget.
"Yes, Mika dangerous. And more often than not vulgar. "
Mika shaking his head. "But it '... You'll never understand ..."
"What's to understand? ", he asks James intruding again.
"Mika, listen to once and for all", I insist, "the rap music that you love so much, this is not for you! You have to understand that she was born and belongs to the people with whom you have nothing in common! These are guys who grew up in a family environment and social problem, in hardship situations, and "
" How can you say, you that Mikaël has grown into a familiar 'normal'? " , spoke contemptuously James.
I take a deep breath. "My son will be but grew up with only one parent, "I reply, underlining his words one by one," but me and Katherine did not miss anything we've ever done. Mika? "I say to my son asking for a confirmation. At that moment I see his eyes fill with tears and for a moment I will stop the heart. In a leap, Mika jumps up and runs away. I hear the sound of a door, Kath's old room, which gets rammed hard. James and Greta
exchange a worried look, I remain motionless, paralyzed.
"I'll see what's wrong," Greta whispers rising from the table.
"Stop", involved James grabbed his arm, "I'll go."
"No, please," I interrupt them by placing his napkin on the table. "If you allow, I'll go to him."
"And why? To make him cry again? "
" James ... "
not respond to the provocation of James, and slowly make my way to Mika. Knock the door slightly and, without waiting for an answer within. Mika is on the bed, folded on the mattress to sob. I sit beside him and support him on the shoulder. Him, clutching him one of the pillows, still sobbing.
"I Sorry, Mika ... "
My words do nothing but worsen the situation and the despair of Mika increases. Her tears seem to flow from some distant point from a deep, hidden within him. A dark feeling that managed to escape just now, all together.
"Sorry, Mika ... I'm so sorry ..."
I can not say more. Mika and I take her by the shoulders, above his strength, pull it up. The webbing between my arms and let rests her head on my chest.
"I'm sorry I left, Mika. I'm sorry for having left us alone ... I'm so sorry, Mika ... "
While I feel her hot tears that wet my shirt, I close my eyes and squeeze even harder.

*** A few hours later, drove to Chicago
But what's that? ?
It 's my phone!
How do I respond?! I know this system does not yet use ... "Hello?"
... What? Kath!? "Hello?"
inbound calls from ... ...
Nah, does not work! Damn its Bluetooth and voice commands! KATHERINE SULLIVAN
... ... ... CALL
How on earth you answer? "Katherine!? Katherine Sullivan!? Reply!? "
" Lucien? "
"Finally! Kath! "
" Lucien, but what happens? Where are you? "
" I'm in the car, I'm sorry ... is this system of automatic response ... it drives me crazy! "Kath
chuckles. "Are you using Bluetooth?"
"Yeah, its him ..."
"You're incredible ... Mika? And 'there with you? "
" No, Mika ... I left from yours. I'm coming back to Chicago. "
"You've left then. How are you? He 's happy? "
" Yes ... Yes, he was very happy, "I say without making reference to the scene in tears. "Lucky him away a couple of weeks at sea!"
"Ah, the old beach house in Ocean Isle Beach! What beautiful memories ... But still, tell me what happened in Cincinnati? "
" Good. "
" Hmm. Was it strange for you ... I say, go home mine, see my ... "
" No, why? No ... I mean, yeah ... well, 'maybe yes, a bit' strange ... "
" And my how they have behaved?
"Well! We had lunch together, I ate a delicious chicken Cumberland prepared by your ma-"
" And my father?
"T-what does your father?
"How did they perform? He said something bad? "
" What? No, no ... "
"No? You sure? "
" ... "
" Next: What did he say ... "
" What? No, nothing, "
" What did he say? "
Sigh. "He said if it was not for her grandson would have thrown out from his house to kick it."
"Oh, no ... Lucien, I'm sorry ..."
"No, why?"
" Why yes! Dad does not have the right to treat so! "
" But it is logical that he will defend, Kath, loves you, and after all that has happened ... And then ... and then I deserve. "
" Not at all! We divorced in two, Lucien, remember? Above all, these are not his business! "
" Yes I am, come on, is your father! "
" No it is, dammit! Business that are unique to you and me! "
" Forget it, Kath, come on ... does not matter, we know how did your father ... "
" I'm sorry, Lucien, really. I'm sorry. "
" Thanks. "
" Thank you? Thank you! It 'be nice of you to accompany Mika in person ... You could easily put it on a plane or a bus ... I did it many times! Well ... I wanted to tell you this, here. Thank you. "
smile. "Please."
"Really, Lucien. I appreciate it. "
" ... "

"..." "..."
"In short ... daddy cock to big, eh?"
"Oh, well '..."
"Haha! What else did he say? Tell us! "
" So, first thing ... "


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