Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Can Mylanta Cause Black Stool

Javascript to improve the look of your site

Recently I missed this article that the eye 10 comments

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\u0026lt;p> Recently I missed this article that says the eye 10 \u0026lt;a href = "http://sixrevisions.com/javascript/10_ajax_effects_website_fanciness/" title = "Visualizations Javascript '/ outbound / article / sixrevisions.com'); "target =" _blank "> javascript visual effects \u0026lt;/ a> with a few clicks to improve the look of your website. \u0026lt;/ p> \u0026lt;p> Some of these are now very famous (like \u0026lt;a href = "http://orangoo.com/labs/GreyBox/" / Outbound / article / orangoo.com '); "target =" _blank "> GreyBox \u0026lt;/ a>, yet another clone of \u0026lt;a href =" http://www.lokeshdhakar.com / projects/lightbox2 / '/ outbound / article / www.lokeshdhakar.com'); "target =" _blank "> LightBox \u0026lt;/ a >).\u0026lt;/ p> Others are very original, and not insignificant: \u0026lt;a href = "http://www.netzgesta.de/instant/ '/ outbound / article / www.netzgesta.de');" target = "_blank"> instant \u0026lt;/ a> allows for example to apply '\u0026lt;em> on the fly \u0026lt;/ em>' a very nice polaroid effect to any image, \u0026lt;a href = "http:/ / joomlicious.com / mootable / '/ outbound / article / joomlicious.com'); "target =" _blank "> MooTable \u0026lt;/ a> instead allows you to sort a list of tabular data based on columns (eg by name in alphabetical order) directly from javascript .. which was usually a must refresh the page. \u0026lt;span> \u0026lt;/ span> \u0026lt;/ p> \u0026lt;p> Other effects of note: \u0026lt;/ p> \u0026lt;ol> \u0026lt;li> \u0026lt;a href = "# http://lipidity.com/fancy-form/ example '/ outbound / article / lipidity.com '); "target =" _blank "> FancyForm \u0026lt;/ a>: Cool effect to completely change the look of the standard form (forms), such as checkboxes or radio buttons .. very very nice \u0026lt;/ li> \u0026lt;li> \u0026lt;a href = "http://www.phatfusion.net/imagemenu/index.htm '/ outbound / article / www.phatfusion.net');" ; target = "_blank"> ImageMenu \u0026lt;/ a>: Menu with effect \u0026lt;em> slide \u0026lt;/ em> on images, with ability to customize two mouse events (opening and closing of the board) ... menu as these were possible only in flash, until a few year ago \u0026lt;img src = "http://posterous.com/getfile/files.posterous.com/kgo/QXTDKHDRAaYd4lr7X5LJC2kmatDe6fAXm0PdgHxl8vCacXdiIATAj6lTOmTx/icon_wink.gif" width = "15" height = " 15 "/> \u0026lt;/ li> \u0026lt;li> \u0026lt;a href =" http://valid.tjp.hu/tjpzoom/ " / Outbound / article / valid.tjp.hu '); "target =" _blank "> TJPZoom 3 \u0026lt;/ a>: you need to add a zoom effect to your photos? This will save your life .. ideal for sites where the images play a key role \u0026lt;/ li> \u0026lt;/ ol> \u0026lt;p style="font-size: 10px;"> \u0026lt;a href = "http://posterous.com" ;> Posted by email \u0026lt;/ a> from \u0026lt;a href="http://kgo.posterous.com/10-effetti-grafici-javascript-per-migliorare-0"> KGO \u0026lt;/ a> </p>


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