Monday, June 15, 2009

How Long Is The Navy Contract For

What do they think your customers to you, your products, your site?

Everyone now knows Analitycs Google, which lets you know which pages our users see website, where they came from, how much time remains on unadeterminata page, and even the 'path', (Ie sequence) of pageviews. Lately, were born other applications (like forum) to collect important information such as:
  • What our visitors think of our product?
  • What are the improvements that customers require on your products?
  • migliormannti What are the most important that your customers require?

born then UserVoice and GetSatisfaction !
These two services (we know these two, if you know others, tell!) Allow anyone to use a small button on its website ('Feedback') and thus have their own space to gather opinions, evaluations and ideas about propio website, product or company.

UserVoice and GetSatisfaction are distinguished mostly by the target users to whom they are intended:

UserVoice (literally "The voice of the people") was created by the team StackOverflow, and was built with the same philosophy:
Each user can present their ideas and vote on ideas that others have proposed that we consider most functional.
This is as a mechanism of natural selection: the best ideas that appeal to more people, will soon reach a high number of votes, signaling that a particular thing is very important for our community, or vice versa!
Each idea can then be approved or rejected, and in both cases you add more 'status': Planned, Started, Completed, etc. ...
UserVoice is probably better suited for those who have an application or web service and wants to know, perhaps from a more technical side, things that are missing or things that should be improved .. and their motto is very clear on this: Share ideas; Vote up the best, Respond, Implement & repeat!

GetSatisfaction (literally "Get Satisfaction") makes a clear distinction between company and product: everyone can talk about the company is providing the product and the product itself. The features are similar to UserVoice: each user can present his ideas on the product in question and discuss with others the various aspects. Unlike
UserVoice, getsatisfaction is not structured to vote, but preferences: the basic system remains the same (to an idea like most people, this is more important) With just a touch more graphic and functional to the 'facebook' (UserVoice instead remains more in the style of discussion forums).
GetSatisfaction, from my point of view, is better suited for things less 'technical'.

Both services offer a free version (with restrictions), and versions from $ 15 per month with aggiutnive functions (if you have a high number of users)

We have chosen to KGO UserVoice, if you want an idea of how it works, visit Support KGO

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