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Software as a Service a new way to sell the management software

Software as a Service is a new way to bring the software. This article will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of this type of sale and will give reasons why we decided to use SaaS for our KGO management software. The method
Tradition: How is the software sold to date
In my point of view, on the commercial side, the software until now has always been conceived as a "Object". The software house created software and then resold at a price varying according to two factors: competitive cost. Software is critical for the House to sell X number of copies under which you lost and over what you earn. The fundamental problem of this method is that the software is not actually a "finished product" for sale after the customer needs updates , services, advice and sometimes even customizations. So it becomes difficult to create a fair system of sales for the customer and at the same time profitable for the Software House.

Open Source: Free software
Many believe that the meaning of Open Source is "free", in fact, in some cases even more than the "simple free." Open Source "literally means" open source "and then in addition to being able to use the code we can modify it at will. To explain it in simple terms it is as if "gives" you a car and it gave you all construction projects to modify it. The concept of Open Source software is applied in practice and often includes only very big community of programmers who continually update, correct and migliornao software. The source of income still exists, but is limited to advice that is made by proponents of the software or spontaneous donations. The Open Source model is very interesting because in no time you can make a lot of people know the software. A beautiful service was broadcast on television by RAI-3 Report few years ago: Report: Free Software in Bolzano

SAAS: payment of a service to "hire"
The SAAS was founded in 2000 and tends to be a new sales model both economically and tailored to your company. First, the software SAAS not buy, but "monthly rent" and you pay an amount that varies depending on the characteristics required of the customer. The larger the client needs more the customer will pay. This method has the great advantage of being sold to all users is small at both very large companies. The customer also has the great advantage of being able to decide:
  • the rental period
  • Paying for only the services that are
  • not have problems installing updates
Why we decided to use the SaaS model Online management for KGO
Nowadays one of the most important things in the sale of software is to always have a solution for every need. The clientele is extremely diverse, offering a product adaptable to every need and every budget is definitely a winning choice. The SAAS gives us the chance to sell to each kind of company our product

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