Tuesday, June 9, 2009

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Why write a corporate blog? KGO's blog, today we start!

The first blog designed and created by people who are creating a Management and wants to share step by step the evolution of the Internet in the company. Both I that my colleagues were initially skeptical because we had to cut valuable time at work to write articles on the blog. I remember long discussions that never see a decision itself, the most frequently asked questions were:
  • Why should we waste time writing a blog?

  • Who will be interested in what I write?

  • our competitors will not help with advice?

are indeed legitimate questions especially for those who invest money in a project for more than three years ...

In this introductory article to our blog will try to answer these questions and to present an idea that today we feel really important. So let's start right from the questions:

  1. Why should we waste time writing a blog? Simply because the importance of what each of us think it can not be contained only in ourselves. The Internet has changed the world of communication so radical! Today, the "knowledge" is no longer on but on Wikipedia encyclopedia, the information is no longer in the newspapers but it is on portals with online video download 24 hours 24. The blog is a way for us to share business experiences that may be useful to all .... but at the same time our readers can help us solve problems of all kinds. But the thing I consider most impiotante ever is what I call "Social network effect" ... a classic example is Facebook. Since I joined I "found" my old primary school mates, friends who did not remember to have, suppliers, friends of friends .... I do not see people and do not attend more, but that "I know" and above who are on Facebook at least once a week ... For me it FUNDAMENTAL say to these people what I do! Because if you read on Facebook that I deal with "management" or "Internet Sites" may remember when THEY need it or any of their relatives, friends or acquaintances. Remember to date the Word of mouth is the best way for good deals ...

  2. Who will be interested in what I write? even this question is entirely lawful, and only recently I found an answer! Every person on earth has its own interests, completely different from any other individual. When it comes to issues such as politics, television or holidays is easy to find friends or acquaintances and spend an evening chatting and discussing these topics ... But if I wanted to talk about a topic not very "popular" as a management software? Probably bored who is listening to me, because hardly have an interest in what I say. Thanks to the Internet and blogs, you get a chance to have a contact for "talk" about topics sectorialized extremely interesting and definitely not for the masses. It 's like if you could select a group of "experts" and "willing" to talk about a specific topic that interests you. So remember that the world certainly is (at least) someone interested in what you write and what you say, the important thing is that you have chance to "meet"

  3. We will not help our competitors with advice? for a businessman this is definitely the motivation harder to "accept". The "secret business" has always been undeniable assets of the company ... so why should I disclose my secret potential competitors? We say, first, that a blog does not necessarily reveal important secrets. Besides, internet is changing the way we trade: ecommerce and online sales allow us to sell without even contact you. Willy-nilly you must evolve the way you think otherwise you will inevitably be back.

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