Wednesday, June 10, 2009

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E-commerce: credit from the Chamber of Commerce of Parma

The Chamber of Commerce of Parma, among the initiatives to promote the handicraft sector, industry, retail trade, tourism and services, notes the opportunity to support by l & # 39; provision of grants, the province companies engaged in programs of introduction and development of electronic commerce activities and / or initiatives to promote and support the sale of goods and services over the Internet. e-commerce-200x156.jpg

We know that success is increasingly important to use the opportunities offered by the network, the web site today has become a critical communication tool for every company.

A website allows, for example, in order to promote effic ace and efficient its business and its products.

The web allows, in fact, seek out products and / or very specific information via search engines, so even a very sectoral and technical site can be reached easily by the user.

Thanks to the services that provide web agency, such as implementing a system of e-commerce, the product can be purchased network in any time and quantity, through transactions carried out safely.

And just for the creation of a greater number of systems sold online, the Chamber of Commerce and the province of Parma have issued a ban on "contributions to the promotion and dissemination of e-commerce initiatives "

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