Tuesday, June 9, 2009

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How to write good articles for a blog

In recent years, many corporate blogs are born, this article will give you some tips on how to write good post on your blog, so as to make it as interesting as possible to your readers.

hat Introduction: The News NOW!
One of the basic rules of writing is always a hat introduction explaining clearly and quickly what you are going to explain in your article (a bit 'as I did. ... Noticed you were there?) This because your readers read the first lines of your article will make it immediately if it is of interest to them. Think about when you read a newspaper: you usually only read the titles and subtitles, if the news we like to read the rest. The reader is lazy (and especially on the internet) unless we give them an idea of what to talk about the bored our blog and feel stuffy.

The rule of 5W
This is one of the oldest rules of journalism, always remember: 5W grant the application in the hat!
Who = who = what

What Where When
where = = = Why because when

Keyword SEO
In my personal point of view, a good post, must also be structured to be found on Google . So, make sure to always think first Keyword and then write the article. Here's a little diagram of what should be done:

  • the post title should be simple and above all think about what users are looking for if they need to find your post. Here is a practical example would be a good title: "How to write good articles for a blog" and not "Structural analysis of a successful blog world."
  • Once you have named in the Keyword search to repeat it as often as possible (without overdoing it too much)
  • always remember that the links to search engines like a lot especially if descriptive. Here is a good example: "How to write good articles for a blog, and a really useful little useless" Click here ". "Click here" does not help Google understand why you linked that page instead of "How to write good articles for a blog" will be very helpful!

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