Saturday, May 1, 2010

Design A

finally all together ... ....!

Here is the website where I picked up my varied experience and try to make a personal contribution to the various problems that people of any age and sex are now facing.

(ROBERTO EUSEBIO) is my first website, dedicated entirely to fitness. Here you will find everything you need to know about me and my profession, I talk about everything: from food to training techniques, anatomy. Several doping face interviews and many other topical issues related to the activity gymnastics.

(Academy) is a showcase of a beautiful fitness center eWellness under certain aspects of art, with the services now required to achieve a good mental and physical balance and a harmonious development of the person. It 's a great place to manage their free time together where qualified personnel selected and trained by a champion, you try to restore energy and vitality through the appropriate exercises.

(FITNESS THE LADIES) is a portal dedicated to issues of training, the imperfections and psychology issues that face when it comes to fitness and sports in general for women.

(LADYBUG) is an exclusive spa where, for the first time, as well as beauty treatments, is given special attention to what we commonly call "soul", mind, deep identity of our being. The activity is supported by the physical body, a large sample of Fitness and the inner aspect of GP Guglielmone Ribeiro, and technical consultant on physical and energy to ourselves and others. The basic feature is that they are the energies available to us to be in balance and in harmony with the whole cosmos.

(PUSH) is a website devoted entirely to everything that revolves around the human being, a portal that addresses issues have become highly topical in today's hectic life, in short everything need to know to re-establish the optimal size that is required today with the help of professionals.

living well is a right for all. ... Nothing belongs to us only ourselves ... let's start from here!

We must learn to see the world through different eyes ... .... ... ...


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