Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Ultimate Buy-and-hold Strategy With Vanguard

Desert Rose

The Desert Rose is a turkish bath exceptional comfort, designed to facilitate the location for relaxation and for enjoying the full effects of therapeutic and beauty of the steam bath. With a special and very fine sand of the desert makes a lightweight and efficient abrasion which leads to a profound regeneration of skin cells. After this first cleaning you can study with one of the 8 treatments that characterize this special room, alive with intense colors green and pink (the colors associated with the heart chakra) with touches of red (color of the root chakra, the one related to our most physical and land) and made up almost entirely from wood material. The 8 treatments proposed in the Desert Rose are named by the winds of 8 regions desert in the world. Are lipolytic treatment, draining, firming, Ayurvedic and lipolytic / tanning. The latter, to stimulate and secure the melanin can be completed with a session in Solaria.


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