Sunday, May 9, 2010

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bodytraining interview Roberto Eusebio, Standard and Professional Fitness

Emanuelle Pizzi, personal trainer, professional fitness
(Interview with Robert Eusebio, absolute BODYFITNESS National Champion, Professional Fitness)
If I had to find a model, which over time has managed wisely shaping his body without exceeding its harmony is certainly Roberto Eusebio, an example of how the body building - practiced on an ongoing basis - could change the nature of a body.
As soon as I brought the interview with Robert, I just received his answer in the affirmative and the maximum index of its availability in spite of its great simplicity spent racing.

Roberto Eusebio, born in Milan on 01/04/1967, professional entrepreneur, personal trainer, fitness consultant, trainer athletic, professional fitness, absolute BODYFITNESS national champion.

Owner and founder of the Academy of Bodybuilding & Fitness ( )
+39 338 3748518 tel. +39 02 96381082


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