Monday, January 3, 2011

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palaszuk @ 2011-01-04T00: 11:00

That night the October, unfaithful
And those windows only continuous rain splash
And that puts the blues in the bloody
head and the heart and the brain. Already
all week and that was the whole week
I will be the second, third will be the same.
I can not, I do not know, I do not see themselves
What to do, where to go with them I?
love is not worth it, like not worth it, not worth
find and lose is not worth it,
Swear not worth it, believe it not worth it,
walk and lie is not worth it not worth it, Caress
not worth it, not worth it to break, lose
not worth it, earn is not worth it, not worth
sell, buy not worth it,
One thing worth it - worth it to get drunk.
reminds me, damn, girl.
So what? And again, without it can be hard.
Neither she was one, the only one
Neither of the other will not have this already.
Support the head with both hands,
To look at her a moment, like a foreign audience.
What is it? That was, that it is not.
And so what? Yeah, you nothing!
we get drunk, get drunk it's worth,
the tavern on the market is worth wygłupić,
drink in good company, it's worth,
Pure dropwise zakropić, it's worth.
ponalewać vodka to heads, it's worth,
sit and cry and sing, it's worth,
the compressed heart, the soul of an open
get drunk, get drunk - it's one that's worth. / watch Sometimes


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