Wednesday, January 26, 2011

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Service Reverse Engineering 3D Scanners Unocad

Solutions Reverse Engineering in the field of 3D scanning and modeling, applied to industry and design for the design and mechanical production. Reproduction, cataloging and restoration also in the field of art.

Unocad offers a service of reverse engineering with portable instruments that allow measurements of quality directly at the customer site aimed at those companies who are experiencing these problems occasionally.

The dimensional optical scanning is now the quickest and most precise way to convert any physical object in coherent mathematical model.

We guarantee fast and accurate inspection on any surface, using 3D scanner Breuckmann verified according to standard VDI conjugated high precision calibration based photogrammetry AICON.

Please contact us for any further clarification or to request a free quote via email by providing an image of the part to be scanned together with the maximum dimensions of reality.

For information contact the following telephone number: 0444.340742 .
one of our agents will give you all the necessary information.

(Source: Unocad News)

srl Via Vicenza 232
36077 Altavilla Vic. (VI) Tel 0444.340742
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