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Interview Dyandra (Diandra Danieli) after winning a 24 thousand items

grow in a thrilling 24 thousand entries, the program conducted by Milly Carlucci, is proposing a Final Grade '. In the presence of artists like Gloria Gaynor and Kool & the Gang, I love Sofia deservedly crowned the winner.

"Our group is the result of a unique synergy that sums up the features that each of us pays the whole, several features that enhance the common goal: to live the moment with joy and serenity by adding the perseverance and tenacity, attributes which make us able to face a future after winning 24 thousand items. We are convinced that we and the union that does not stifle personal uniqueness of each, but that strengthens each of our distinctive feature, this is the basis of our project is only the beginning. "( Dyandra )

Inside the ' Auditorium RAI di Napoli felt a strong emotion of a project that begins well, 24 thousand entries, perhaps too criticized the early evening on Christmas Day, has surely redeemed in the second New Year's Eve in which the values of the transmission are all clearly come to the surface. The wise Milly Carlucci conducted a complex Talent Show where you are challenged by genetics totally different singing groups: the Sunshine of Naples who renew arrangements with resounding the classical tradition, the 25 elements of Joy Singers of Venice that derived from gospel singing rock and pop, but internationally, the Cream of Cisterna di Latina, seven young people between neomelodico, Hip Hop, the Melo, weaving between pop and opera, Black and Blues Bari specializing in blues, I Love Sofia , from all over Italy with their disco dance and Wild Boys pop with Italian and internazionale.La jury, which sometimes might seem superficial or too feel-good, he instead accompanied the various tests without the usual violence that now threatens Talent elimination of fatigue.

Perhaps this positive atmosphere has enabled artists and their performances, to improve in the short time they can offer only two episodes, as the winners, six girls who form the I Love Sofia (clear dedication to Sofia Loren) who have literally seen sbocciarenella second episode, convincing the Jury, Audience and Critics, but venturing into complex pleasing performances that would have embarrassed even the pros.

is the winning group: Diandra Danieli born in Terni Bolognese but by adoption, Virginia Nuti Florence, Sara Pannone of Rome, Simona Calabrese Modica (Sicily), Eleanor Spadaro of Rome from Sicilian roots and Maria Francesca Gambelli living in Senigallia in New York.

- Dyandra, Tell us about the excitement when you first realized he had won the first edition of 24 thousand items.
The moment Milly Carlucci and 'took the stage with the envelope, and' come too quickly. I moved my head to not read the name of the winner. A couple of minutes to wait. Then our name! I ran down from the stage and I jumped on to my Father, and 'was really unexpected, but wonderful to receive so great a prize for our efforts and our growth.

- What are they for you, "I love Sofia"?
Between us "i love sofia" there is a growing complicity, we are increasingly fewer and fewer colleagues and sisters. There is Sofia who suffers for love and want to learn how to deal with boys, there is Sofia who turns out partying and angelica conformist is that Sofia had never been so much outside the home, that girl from the first steps to become a woman that wants to show that strong, but actually hides a very sensitive side .. Sofia and the dancer who learns and teaches concepts of chasse and healthy digestion! We are a group, we are very complementary and necessary one for the other without any differences in talent.

- From Victory to the Festival City of Palladio in 2009 to 24 thousand Voices of Victory as you hear this escalation of success?
I have always believed that music was my way to go. The Festival City Palladio was an emotion experienced cast, as in a race, in a clean environment and finally with the only passion for music! A 24 thousand voices I met a fantastic staff of professionals who can where it seems impossible! They are great accomplishments of my small work but in life I just go on doing what I love, and every success' in a tribute more.

- A record coming out after all these rewards, it gives you all this strength and persistence to never stop?
I've always been of the view that we must work hard to get the results and especially the attitude that we can be more helpful to face the world and 'the desire to know, learn more, take a comparison here I feel so "hungry for music" and it 'This is the force that sends me forward. Do not make a thing to win but to be able to live it. After the hangover of this wonderful win, I'm ready to dive into my record deal with OtherSound important work, a work that determines the beginning of my solo career, the excitement is so great! Disk, Video, I'm happy to do all this with friends who do not see me in only one product.

- leave us with an appointment:
Surely I can promise a 2011 work and projects taking place! I have no doubt: the first appointment is on iTunes with Video Disc and a little lacking in mid-February ...!

(Source: News Dyandra )

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